Belhaven University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Many of the students who attend here love the arts and want to excell in their particular art form. They are supportive of the other art forms and interested in what the other departments are doing. It is a community that encourages you to achieve your best and push the limits of your art.


One of the best things about Belhaven is the size of the school. The small class sizes allow for personal interaction and feedback from professors, who care about their students. You won't find professors on other campuses who are so willing to invest personal time in their students. Among students there is a real community atmosphere as well. There are enough people here that I don't feel like everyone knows me, yet I never get lost in a crowd.


Belhaven is all about a small commmunity of students and professors that are more like family. Going to school here, one has the opportunity to not only learn the specifics of the field you are interested but develop lasting relationships with both students and faculty.


The best thing about Belhaven College are the interactions and relationships not just among students, but also the dynamics between the professors and students. Its wonderful to know that a support system exists to help you. I was on medical leave for a large portion of last semester, and words can't describe how worried I was about missing coursework. But, not only did my instructors call to check on me, they helped me to get caught back up. That relationship is truly hard to find at many colleges and universities, but its something common to be seen at Belhaven.


the education.


The professors are the best thing there because they actually care about what you think and feel, not only when you're in their class but also in your daily life. They're completely approachable and caring, but their not afraid to say "Hey, I'm the teacher here. Mind yourself." A lot of the professors regularly have students over to their houses for coffee or tea and philosophical discussions. I doubt that there are very many people at Belhaven that are unmentored by a professor, except by choice.