Bellarmine University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Bellermine University is a private school, that offers smaller class sizes which is perfect for me.


hard-working students learning lots


Bellarmine, both eclectic and welcoming, provides pioneer students the opportunity to be challenged, to learn and meet new people in an academic setting.


Bellarmine is home--we laugh, eat, sleep, learn, love, and grow up here.


My school is awesome, I couldn’t have chosen a better undergraduate school; everything that I need is right here on campus!


Bellarmine is a very small, accomodating, university with great pride in their job after college percentage.


Bellarmine is a small campus with a large emphasis on group learing, creating strong relationships, and a high expectation on academics.


liberal arts college with a friendly environment and lots of potential


Bellarmine University is a small liberal arts school that provides an incredible academic experience and opportunities to students throughout their time here.


Belarmine University is laid-back, and educationally focused, you won't get lost in the crowd here; more important than advancing your IQ (which will occur), Bellarmine helps you find your true self and have great times along the way.


a small liberal arts institution


Bellarmine has a peaceful parklike setting and small class sizes.


My school was not hard at all to adjust to from high school because of the small attendance and friendliness.


I love the school I attend, but they do not offer enough classes compared to the amount of students and interest in that class.


It doesn?t just offer a variety of academic resources and amazing programs for international students., it also provides me with a sense of home with its beautifully campus and parks.