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--------------PARENTAL WARNING------------------ Bellarmine claims to be a safe Catholic college with a focus on community and service of. The reality is Bellarmine is a university that has a focus on drinking and vandal majors. They do not care about community, and I can assure you, doubly assure you -- If your child doesnt have a drinking problem now, they will when they leave. research carefully, walk around the surrounding neighborhoods and Bardstown Rd. on a weekend before making your decision. If you DO want your child to learn how to drink and disrespect other peoples property and quality of life, Bellarmine is a good choice, but there are much cheaper places to get that same education and save more more money for the booze. As a parent myself, I WOULD NOT recommend Bellarmines alcohol soaked campus and spoilt, entitlement-prone, thug-student population to anyone. Its a type of education no one needs.