Bellarmine University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anybody who wants to attend should come here. Bellarmine isn't just for a certain type of a person, even if it's a Catholic university. We are extremely diverse and welcoming!


A peraon that is strongly devoted to taking difficult classes andnlearning while making friends along the way.


To attend Bellarmine, a person should be willing to work hard, meet new people, and seek out new learning experiences. Bellarmine is very open minded and fun spirited; the student body loves to engage its peers and loves to see people involved. Even if someone is more introverted, there are clubs designed to fit any person. Anyone would be a strong fit at Bellarmine.


This definitely isn't a party school, so someone that is very serious and focused on their education should come to this school. Many college professors don't require attendance, therefore it can be hard to take responsibility and go to class, but at Bellarmine the professors push you to try your hardest. If someone is going to go to Bellarmine, they had better be ready to work hard.


Students wanting the best education and a smaller school should attend Bellarmine.


Someone who is academically focused and ready to work. Be prepared for professors to know your name and call you out. As a small school, everything at Bellarmine is very personal, so the right person will like one on one attention and will enjoy learning and discussing with teachers and other students.


Someone who is truly committed to learning and who wants to be part of a caring, involving campus culture. This person must be driven, willing to put large amounts of time into his or her studies while outside of the classroom, especially for in his or her major. This person would also enjoy going to school events, both traditional school events, such as sporting events, but also unique events such as Crossroads, SOAR, and homecoming week events.


People who live in Kentucky or are willing to just sit around most weekends. Also, the academics aren't much more challenging than most high schools, so it's easy to obtain the grades you received in high school if you put forth the same amount of effort as you have in the past.


Students wanting a medium sized school with a mixture of semi-large (max 30) and small (max 10) classes. Prospective students that want to get the most out of college: finding internships, participating in volunteer opportunities, involvement on campus, and any extra help needed to succeed in general. The status of Bellarmine is fantastic and helps many student find many jobs and interships.


Bellarmine is where I will be transferring to spring 2010. The entire atmosphere exudes student growth in more ways than just the classroom. Anyone who is centered on working with their own uniqueness as a person, anyone who likes to explore, anyone who likes to truly be involved--- these are qualities for the Bellarmine student. It's a campus where you are known by your name, not a number. It's a campus for those who want to be educated in a major of choice as well as in life!


A very smart driven focused person who likes a challenge and will strive to do their best


The type of person that should attend Bellarmine is someone who will work hard to ensure that they get the most out of their education and understands that its not going to be handed over.


Persons who are interested in a small, private, social university


I believe that Bellarmine will provide every one with an environment he or she can always find interesting because of its challenging curriculum, student activities and wonderful location.