Bellarmine University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Bellarmine University?


Any person that is not willing to work hard should not attend this school. In order to succede at Bellarmine, one must keep up with the work load on a daily basis. It can be difficult to pass if one isn't willing to dedicate the time and effort to do so. Anyone that is simply attending college to party definitely should not attend.


Someone who doesn't take school serious!


Someone who wants to get lost in the school and not be accountable for their education.


Conservatives, people who went to small Christian schools (Protestant), those with a strong focus on sports (there is no football team, a miserable gym, but our lacrosse team is fairly awesome), those who want to be heavily involved in theater (the theater is pretty small) or be a big part of a music scene.


Someone who doesn't want to put forth the effort required to graduate.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this University is a slacker. There is really no room for anyone that is lazy. And plus it doesn't take long for the teachers to determine who works hard and who plays hard. If you coperate with others and are willing to learn than you can and will suceed. I found my first two semesters to be very dificult to transition myself into. Without the help of upperclassmen and eager teachers then I would have slipped between the cracks.


A person who is going to school for social reasons over academic reasons shouldn't attend this school.