Bellarmine University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known about the various activities they offer here on campus. It is not a bad thing that I did not know beforehand; I just did not realize how many there were. I also now know why they were stressing the importance of getting involved with the campus and your fellow students.


An undergraduate degree no longer assures good employment.


Before coming to Bellarmine University I can only say I wish I knew every little detail about my intended major. They did a amazing job informing me on everything and I felt I knew everything. However, only a few more things pop up that I didn't know and wish I had. Though, that is one thing the student should take on the responsibility of finding out. The College itself did their best.


To tell you the truth, there wasn't much that I didn't know about Bellarmine before I enrolled. I had been researching colleges since I was a sophomore in high school. There have been no pitfalls in my college experience because of Bellarmine. That isn't to say that it's been perfect--there are some parts that I would like to re-do. I'd like to re-do my freshman year. I was so shy that I wasn't involved in any extra-cirriculars, and I kept inside a small circle of friends. I would break out.


Before coming to Bellarmine University, I wish I would have known more about the surrounding area. Coming from a small rural town to a city was a great change. Since coming here, I have learned to adapt to the city life and the different personalities of people. Although there is not a vast variety in cultural difference on campus, being here has allowed me to experience and get to know people from different countries and other ethnicities. By doing prior reseach before attending Bellarmine University, I had a knowledge of basically everything about the campus.


I wish I would have known that the cafeteria was not quite vegatarian friendly. It was a bit of a shock and I had to adjust for a while and find ways to get all of the nutrients I needed.


I wish I knew how hard going to college was. People always talk about how difficult college is, but I never realized the difficulty until I was in college. I also would have liked to have known better what classes I needed to complete my major. Lastly, I wish I could have realized what I wanted to be after college so I could have taken more classes oriented to it.


That they were going to expand and have a larger amoung of students attending my senior year, and that the availablility of parking was limited.


I wish I had known more about the performing arts program. I was a little be dissapointed with the programs. I felt like there wasn't as much drive to raise the bar as I would have liked. The music department especially wasn't that pleasing. I wanted to become a music major, but I decided to declare in psychology instead. I'm happy with my choice and the teachers I have are well prepared.


I wish I had known how to study more in order to perform well on my tests. Bellarmine has a difficult curriculum and therefore I needed to know how to pass my tests and get the good grades I need to be successful.


That it's extremely expensive, i thought financial aid would come through for me.


I knew that Bellarmine was a small school before I applied, but I wish I would have known how small it actually is. It's nice to walk across campus and pass a lot of people I know but sometimes it feels as though I am still in high school because of it's small size. Overall, I like the smaller size of the university because classes are smaller so there is more individual attention from the professors.


Nothing. Bellarmine was very up front about everything I wanted to know, and the orientations were amazing!


I wish I had known how to study more effective. My classes are alot more challenging than i expected. I wish I had known more about applying for scholarhips to help me financially.


I wish I already knew what major I wanted to go into. I took some classes that weren't a gen ed class durring my freshmen year to experiment with fields I might want to go into. I wouldn't do this at Bellarmine even thought it might be encouraged! I would suggest taking ONLY general education classes until you know your major just so you can get alot of them out of the way. That way when you decide your major you you don't have alot of useless credits that are of no use to your major.


I wish I had known that some of the teachers in the Social Sciences field are not willing to assist students that have learning disabilities with furthering their education.


I wish Id known more about my major. I feel like I am getting gyped out of a good education that I could have potentially had elseware and learned many more things


How greedy and unorganized the financial aid office is. The limited amount of space available for students in the classes.