Bellevue College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This is a place where driven individuals can go to help eachother learn and grow as they pursue their own interests.


BC has a huge, diverse student body, many, many resources, clubs, and an army of awesome teachers to help you succeed.


It is a very good school , and the staff and falculty are very supportive. Most student are motivated to learn and succeed.


The school I attend is small, helpful, yet big enough to make a difference.


Bellevue College is a school dedicated to enhancing student learning by exposing students to courses that force students to think domestically as well as globally by having nternational students from all over the world come to Bellevue College in pursuit of a top notch education allowing both United States and International student to become globally minded eleminating the language barrier


Bellevue College has a wide range of variety in their students and classes; a great place for students witha busy schedule.


Bellevue College is a school with diviersified programms and opportunities, where the staff os more than open to help you find the best options for your studies.


Bellevue Community College is a great school, with friendly people and a good environment.


There are lots of students and the college isn't very big, but students and teachers are very nice and very helpful.


A well rounded school with multiple oppertunities to gain a great education while saving money.