Bellevue College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone at BC welcomes you regardless of your differences as they help you get the most enjoyable experiences from your college years.


My classmates are so diverse I could not describe all of them in one sentence, but they are almost always very nice people.


Classmates at Bellevue College are simply there to complete the work and get to a better school. No one at Bellevue College WANTS to be there. It is simply a stepping stone for better things. Basically, no one cares and everyone wants to get it over with and done.


fun to hang around and helpfull.


My classmates are a group of extremely different individuals who love what they do. They go to school to learn and further their career path. Each person is unique in so many good ways, they truely make the school diverse. Lounge and common areas are always full of laughter and conversation, nobody is left out because we all understand that we are there for the same reasons, learn, have fun, and acheive.


My classmates vary widely, from fresh out of high school to retired seniors looking for a diversion. Most classmates are respectfull of the learning environment around them and are there with the same goal in mind: to learn and broaden their perspectives.


My classmates are multicultural, an usually very open-minded people.


Most of my casemates are busybodies, good source of ideas, entertaining, ambitious, friendly, talented?