Bellevue College Top Questions

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Bellevue College teachers truely do care that you understand the material and although much of heir instruction is online, they make sure to still have that personal touch.


The professors here are ususally part time teachers that are currently working in their field which provides great access to real world application of knowledge. The class sizes are small and there are plenty of classes to choose from.


Bellevue College is the largest community college in Washington State. I have found that the larger organizations offer a lot more opportunities. After looking at all the community colleges in my area, Bellevue College had the highest rated nursing program. I chose Bellevue College because I wanted to have the best experience with the maximum number of opportunities post graduation.


Bellevue College is a great community college because it has so many options for classes, not only do they have many different subject classes, they also have online, night, morning, daily, and two-day per week classes. This is great for working student with distinct schedules. The school is clean and well kept, they have great food and a great sense of varriety between the students. Bellevue College welcomes adults, all ethnicities, and running start students. This school is best for its variety.