Bellevue College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is a good stepping stone to another university. I have learned a lot about being successful in college and will be transferring next year.


There is free math and English help centers with tutors, a wide range of degrees for transfer including business, and the student culture is very diverse. Bellevue is an affordable way to do get college credit before transfering to a bigger university. Class sizes are small (about 35 max) so you get better feedback from teachers. There isn't a lecture hall you can fall asleep in. Teachers keep class intesting and relatable.


The diverse potential and broad imagination are two things that all students at Bellevue College students have in common. Students from all walks of life have something to contribute whether it is their music experience or their international background. Bellevue College reaches out to its students by providing clubs, organizations, internships to develop and foster the youth of tomorrow. At Bellevue College, your interaction within Bellevue's international setting allows you become a productive citizen in the global community.


When I talk about my school to others I brag about the small class sizes, while universities have big classes, classes here at Bellevue College are small and you (the student) can get to know the teacher very well and make good connections for future reference.


My school has a diverse blend of traditional, non-traditional and international students. I love my accounting teacher because he honestly seems concerned about the students' success.