Bellevue College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you don't like walking long distances to classes, don't go to Bellevue College. It is the second largest campus in Washington state, so it's a long walk from the parking lots to the buildings your classes are in. It may seem bad at first, but after a while, you get used to it!


anyone who wants to get a transfer degree so they can go to a 4 year college.


Any type of person, it doesn't matter. Anyone can attend this school. Any one with dissability can still attend this school.


Every person should attend this school, to better their lives, to make the most of them self. They owe it to themself to take the opportunity of an education and to beyond their limits. If they decide that the school is not for them, then so be it, but they had the courage to try. Maybe they dropped out after the first midterm or maybe they got inspired to become a doctor. School is about learning, getting inspired and thinking outside of the norms, everyone that applies is guranteed to better themselves and that is what this school lives by.


A person who does not care about education


I don't think there is a kind of person that shouldn't attend my school. There are tons of programs offered so there is something for everyone.


The kind of person who shouldn?t attend Bellevue College is someone who isn?t serious about college. Even though its not a university, yet, its not known as one of the easier schools in the area. The person also shouldn?t want an abundant amount of program choices for beginning students and professionals.