Bellevue College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and give myself advice I would have told myself to do more research about colleges and what fits me best. I took a year off to do that but I wish I could have done more of that at least my senior year in high school. Also to prepare a bit more for the money aspect and what was coming. Not only that but having a better idea of what classes I wanted to take.


I would recommend that college age me tries a variety of class subjects out so that I can find exactly the direction I want to follow. I entered college on one particular track and then found out after I spent all my money that I had saved that I was not truly passionate about my degree choice. From there I branched out to other subject areas and after I got the opportunity to try several different classes I found my passion. I would also advise college me to have strong communication with teachers. Almost all my teachers have been ready to help if ever requested but I have always struggled to ask questions and seek extra help. Finally, I would recommend that in high school I start applying for scholarships so that I don't have to work full time throughout my entire degree. There are so many opportunities out there it would have greatly healped had I accessed them sooner.


Honestly talking to myself as a high school senior, I would urge myself to drop out of highschool. Because my parents make decent money, and yet are unable to help me with school, I have been unable to get financial aid, and therefore have been working full time in order to pursue my dream of going to college. If I had dropped out, BC and several other colleges in Washington have full ride scholarships for high school dropouts that aren't very hard to get at all. If I was able to do that, I would be able to work less, only having to work enough to pay for rent and food, and giving me more time to focus on the things I love, like going to school and learning. This would also give me more time to study, resulting in better grades and even more opportunities for my future.


College is a monumental stage in life. I ended up starting my college career at a community college because I was not taking school seriously in high school. I did not have the slightest clue as to what I wanted to study. I knew heading into my freshman year of college that the community college would be a stepping stone. I grew as a person and student as I lived at home and worked to save money for college. My first quarter was mediocre relative to my lofty goals. However I learned the correct way to study for college level classes. Now heading into the third quarter of my freshman year, I have a 3.71 gpa and I feel that I am ready to transfer to a 4-year university. I would advise anyone who does not feel ready for college start by taking their freshman classes at a community college. It helped shape me into the student I will be from now on.


Learn to study really well now, because learning those habbits early will help. Put more time and effort into your grades, because they still matter. When you get accepted into A&M, go. Yes, Blinn is cheaper and will save you money. However, you worked hard throughout high school to make it into the school of your dreams, and you deserve to be there. Blinn isn't the right environment for you, trust me. Apply for every scholarship you can find, and put the time into them. You'll be needing all of the help you can get. Now don't stress too much over college. You're going to be in a strange, new place surrounded by new people. Professors are NOTHING like high school teachers, and the responsibility of staying on track relies solely on you. Even so, everything follows the same strategy. Be the very best version of you. Do this, and you will have success through your senior year, college, and every aspect of life. Finally, never let struggles get in the way of your goals. You will make some bad grades, and money will become tight. It's not easy, but it's worth it.


You're going to love it! College is so much different than high school. There are no clicks and everyone is personable. People in college take their studies including group projects seriously, so you won't be left to do group work on your own. One thing you should know would be to not spend your moeny on silly things, like new clothes when you don't need them. Money is going to be tight and you need every penny.


The most important piece of advice I would give my high school senior self is that it is okay to be selfish, sometimes, especially when improving oneself. I have always wanted to be in some form of schooling or craftsmanship because I love learning. I feared that I could not take care of my loved ones, so I ended up not going directly to college. I worried about "how could I possibly give my nephew a better childhood than I had if I am in college," and "how can I leave my family in their time of need," but these are not good reasons to stunt the growth of a person. Very silly thoughts now that I know there are many programs that can help families in need. Yes, in some circumstances every little bit helps-- but me working a dead-end job that barely pays minimum wage only helps in the short term. And short term plans leave more room for regret.


Over the last 2 years I have spent my time working and finishing my Associates degree. In high school I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I thought I would go to college, live on campus, and have the picture perfect college experience. I did not think I would end up back at home going to community college. I would tell my high school self to take college search more seriously and get more serious about my music. If I could go back I would have been more serious about finding a piano teacher that can help me improve my skills instead of just entertaining myself with show tunes and various easy pieces. I wish I had made more of an effort to make friends in college and keep in touch with my high school friends. I would have made more of an effort to do activities that made me scholarship worthy material.


As my high school supports a program by which you can spend your last two years of high school completing your first two years of college there isn't much I could say to my high school self. I'm attending Bellevue College because it was the college I had to go to in order to avoid taking my final two years of high school and then my first two years. However, I suppose I would tell myself to focus more, demand more of my professors, and not let senioritis get the better of me. Senioritis is terrible.


I would tell myself that it is never too early to start a job and career search! Get involved make a point of going to at least one career services and/or networking event. It's just an hour of your time and truly helpful! Be involved with a group outside of your department, having friends in other disciplines is invaluable. Get to know other students in your department, those ahead of you have been through what you are going through, they can give you good advice. USE ALL YOUR RESOURCES! Talk to your teachers often, use them for their knowledge, let them get to know you, they care about your success, and helping you find your true path. You only pass this way once, experience as much as you can, even when you are having a hard time with everyone and everything, just keep pushing forward, it will end someday, and you will have achieved your goal. Be flexible, your plan the one you have on one day will change next week. Apply, Apply for scholarships and grants it's hard to be scrambling for finances and belive in yourself it may be hard but you can do this.


I have not yet attended the college I have chosen but I intend to this fall. I have visited colleges and seen how they work. From what I have seen I know that I would go back and tell myself to try harder. Just trying to get into colleges would have been useful if I had great attendance and grades. Unfortunately I had neither. I would have motivated myself to fill out scholarships and become more prepared for college so I would not be going to college a year after I had graduated. From visiting colleges I understand I need to be attentive. I will need to finish every assignment that is given. College is something very important and will predict my future outcome. As a high school student I had no intentions of going anywhere. I would have given myself a pep talk to get out there and get prepared and become knowledgeable of college. Knowing what I do now I wish I could go back, but that is not possible. I will grow from what I have learned and accomplish all that I can.




My college has taught me everything it intended through classes. It has also taught me to be more responsible with my money and time; Managing my money so I can pay my bills from in life, and still be able to pay for tuition and books, and finding time for studying, going to school, work and my family. College is forming me into a better, more 'rich' woman.


College is way more than just sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures. It is making a connection between real life jobs and situations to help prepare you for your future. It is taking your own responsibility and making your own choices for classes and getting things done when they need to be done. I feel like going to college has been the best thing I have did for myself since I graduated from high school. I am going to community college and in about one year I will be transering to a university. For me this is a great accomplishment being the first in my immediate family to attend college. The struggles of paying for things on my own has been hard, but the classes and experience of college has made school worth my time.


I learned alot of things from my college such as improving my English, Reading, Writing, Communication, and Math. I have many experience working while studying in college. I learned that getting a college degree is very important. I also learned that helping other will make you feel good about yourself because i helped other student in my school and i felt good about what i done. I learned so many new things from school that help me to become smart and intelligent.


I feel that my college experience so far has been INCREDIBLE!! I have learned a great deal about being persistent about pursuing my goals and dreams. My college has given me hope to succeed in the real world. I have learned how to base my education on a structured front that will help me even in the toughest times. The social aspect of college has helped me to meet new people and to engage in extra-curricullar activities as well. The professors at my college are great assets in helping me understand even the most dificult subjects. Ive learned in the subjects of Math, Fine arts, social science, biology and chemistry so far in my college experiences. I love college because it gives me belonging. I know i can be something and i know i can push myself to be the best that i can be at it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and i know that all my hard work, perserverance, determination and time will pay off in the end. Adn thats why its so valuable to attend. I wise man once said " get as mich education as possible, youll never regret it. Thanks!


My college experience was and is something completely different than I thought it would be. I thought I would be studying and straining myself on a daily basis. I thought you would be in a class with dozens and dozens of other students, not being able to ask for any clarification. I found out on day two how false this was. Everyday after class I was able to ask any questions I had during and after class. I had a class that was only a little bigger than my high school classes. Though this is case by case depending on the college you go to, it made my transaction into college so much easier. This easy transaction has made me excited and ready for changes instead of scared and hesitant. I am glad that I had a high school that got me ready for college and a college that made me ready for the years of schooling I have ahead of me. I have got so much knowledge, both education wise and personality wise, that I can not wait for my upcoming years of schooling.


If I was given the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior I would have to say something about the order in which I took my classes. I saved many of the harder courses for the end making my degree quite heavily back loaded. I'd tell my past self that saving the hard classes for later might seem to make sense at the beginning. Sure, the A's will be easy to come by and there won't be much homework but after a while, once all that's left is math and science, things will change. Getting an A in Calculus II isn't as easy as getting an A in Drama. Imagine how hard things will be if all three classes are three of the hardest classes you will ever take? My advice would be to start on some of the hard ones immediately but only take one tough class per quarter. That way life would be easier and I could get good grades without killing myself. Sage advice, but I have to wonder if I would heed my own words!


The only advice I would be able to give myself is that even though the stress and worry about college is the only thing on your mind, you need to still have fun and relax. Everything happens for a reason. All you need to do is work hard, look forward, and remember that its a new chapter in your life and you need to make it the best you possibly can. College will be fun and rewarding, the atmosphere is understanding to each indivdual and accepts all. Once it starts, it will begin to fly by, just like all new experiences. Have fun in high school and cherish your friends, make long lasting relationships and worry about making the change to college student until the time actualy comes.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to be more prepared. I have always been very shy and I think that that quality has made it very difficult to progress. I love to play volleyball, but I have been too scared in college to try out. I would have also loved to go away to college but was too scared to leave my family. I would have told myself to toughen up and make arrangements. I think that would be the only thing I would tell myself. I think that it?s best to learn from my own experiences and I would leave the rest for learning.


If I could, for only one moment, capture my own attention as a high school senior I would advice myself not only to stay in school, but the follow the path of happiness. I would tell myself not to listen to my parents, or my teachers, or my counselors, because they don't know everything, despite their confident facade. I would advice myself to jump into a variety of hobbies, instead of avoiding them like the plague, in order to discover what ultimately captures my passion and my heart, and tell myself to run with it, and don't look back, stop for moments to appreciate the beauty in what you are doing, step back for a second to admire it, but never give into it, always be on top of it. Be open to everything and attached to nothing.


I would give anything to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior. My parents didn't discuss with me the importance of attending college and so I missed out on the opportunity to earn an education when I was younger. Instead, I decided to go back to school at the age of 30 and it has been very challenging. The advice that I would give myself would be to take a year after graduating from high school to travel so that you can discover what interests you and explore the culture of the world. It is so much harder to find the time and money to do this after you have started your career or a family. After traveling for a year, follow your passion and choose a school that will offer you the best education possible for your chosen career goals. If you are still unsure about your professional goals, just start the first two years and a focus will emerge. The important thing is that you make education a priority so that you are given the opportunities that you deserve.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say that college is all about self motivation. It is no longer your teachers responsibility to make sure you do your homework. There is no such thing as free education past the point of high school. You are going to pay a lot of money for your education and it is your responsibilty to get everything you can out of college. Whether it is learning how to manage your time, or learning about business and finance, college is a place where you decide what you are going to do with the information given to you. College is another stepping stone to your future career and even your future lifestyle. I would tell myself that college is the priority over everything else if you plan to have a successful future.


I would give myself this advice: "In 20 years time, the education that you are choosing to not get right now will be the single biggest regret of your life. It's hard to convey this, and say it in a way that makes sense to someone who's 18, but please don't let time slip away from you. You may not want a college education now, but you will be desperate for it in 20 years! This is because you will have had years to reflect on what you missed and the affect it has had on, literally, every aspect of your life. The idea of going to college or deciding what to do with your life is overwhelming to you right now; but it doesn't have to be tackled all at once. Better you do a little something now and over the next few years than have a mountain of time to make up for when you're older. Trust me, anything you learn now will make your life easier later on and nothing you learn will ever be a waste of time."


Dear Anthony, I know high school was tough and at times there were mental breakdowns. I know, I was there. I'm sure that you remember your junior year. The rumor that "junior year is going to be your hardest, so you be better be ready" become a reality and at times a nightmare through your AP U.S. History class. However, don't look at the negative and stress that you went through but rather take a look back and see not what you learned from that experience but what you became from it. The hard work that you put in paid off because you passed the AP test. Your work ethic was put to the test and you surpassed your expectations. In college you will come to find that those characteristics will keep you afloat. Take those characteristics and run off with them all the way to the finish line. I have no doubt that you shall become a better student through your hardships and more relatable to others. Never back down from a challenge and always be on the lookout for doors filled with opportunities. Sincerely, Anthony Martinez


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to do running start my senior year and continue to stay at a community college for two years, then transfer to any school of my choice. I ended up choosing this path but not until I was a week away from leaving for a four-year university. I am much happier now with the transfer because it seems great for a student who needs to work in order to pay for school. This option also helps to save some money, so that I could go to the four-year of my choice. For any high school senior that is paying for school themselves, I would tell them to consider going to a community college and then transfering so that only two years is th price of a full university.


?You must realize that the journey is the joy?, that is what I would say to myself as a high school senior. I drove myself with constant fear, the fear of not being successful. It was a burden that drove me to not live life; it robbed me of my present. In high school I was in honor society and enrolled in college level classes; basically anything I could do to ensure that was would be successful. I was just waiting for the day this success would come because when I reached it I believed than I would finally be happy. But I have come to realize that everything that I had done in high school didn?t matter in college. I did try my best and you should to but try to but find a balance in life, make a more friends, go to more dances, you must life in the present, not in the future. The future is an illusion, you can not let it control you. College will come soon enough and when it does live it, enjoy it, embrace it, but always do the best you can do and don?t forget to believe in yourself.


I don't think I would advise my younger self to do very differently than I already have, despite waiting a while after graduating high school to attend college. Because I did wait, I was mature enough to deal with the adjustments of college life more easily, and I could try my hardest in class. I think that the way things have already happened have worked out for the best, so I'd let the younger me know that it's all right to wait until she felt ready to attend college.


During my high school senior year, I did not have any idea of what I wanted to study. I went to Germany for one year after graduating and I was late in starting any application process to get into college in time. I finally started college this semester (a year and a half after graduating from Highschool), and it has been a little frustraring. So if I had the chance to go back and talk to myself during senior year, I would tell myself to start the application process, even if I didn't know what I wanted to do. This way, I would have had a much better advantage and could have started college immediately after arriving from Germany. Doing applications in time is an essential in going to college. Even if you don't know what your major is going to be, there is plenty of time to discover that in your first year of college.


Transitioning wise, don't be scared to make new friends and keep in touch with them and also its ok to be yourself. And also keep in touch with friends from high school and hang out whenever you can. There is a lot of time in between days and classes so spend time wisely and use the time to actually study and what not. studying will help you out. Dont slack it'll kick you in the butt later. And don't be afraid to ask for help and esp. financially also. Help is avaiable if you search for it. Just don't rely on yourself getting things done, ask for help and get a study group going so you have at least a group of people you can go to for help. Teachers are willing to help you out if you just ask for it. Just all in all don't be afraid of change, embrace change. Also know that change is good, its nothing to worry about, and if you are scared talk to someone about it. But yea, don't be afraid of change embrace it.


Jeff, it is imperative to have a clear set of standards, goals and values as you proceed onto your next phase of your life. In college, there will be many different opportunities as well distractions. Your attendance in class may not be required but you are still required to keep up with the courses on your own and finish your projects on a timely basis. Additionally, there will be students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures that you may not be accustomed to. It is vital that you learn now to be able to work well with others regardless of their appearances or backgrounds. This type of respect for others will help you as you move behind college into the work field. Having a clear set of values will also keep you focused as you will have greater freedom in college than high school and that freedom combined with your classmates' freedom can create new lifelong friendships but it can also distract you from your own academic or professional goals especially if your classmates' goals conflict with yours. Take each experience in its fullness and learn from it and it will greatly assist you in your future endeavors.


You need to work and study hard in school. Manage your time wisely and do not procrastinate for it would be very difficult to catch up later on. If you need help with something or just don't understand something do not be afraid to ask, whether it is a teacher or students. Stay focus with your school work and always do your best.


I would take some time off right after high school to figure out what I would like to get my degree in.


Few years ago, I was accepted to University of Law in Bosnia. Did not take that seriously and drop from school. Only important think, about that time, were parties. Everything was about having a fun. I am back to school now and very successful. However, I am doing everything opposite than what I used to do. If I could give myself advices then I would not leave my homework for last minute or skip doing it. In addition, skipping classes is not god idea. Many important things are learned and discussed throughout classes. Furthermore, I would put school as a priority than parties. There will be plenty of time for parties :) . It is important to get enough of sleep. If I was not tired, I would be able to concentrate during a class. Also, I would avoid falling a sleep and felling uncomfortable about that. If I knew all of this then, what I know now? I would have my carrier built. What about my life??? ...


Be ready for a challenge. Try your best in everything you do and never slack off. Stay on track with the class and the assigments, because its almost impossible to catch up later. Think positive and do not procrastinate. A good idea would be to review some of the material that has been covered in high school, because it will be very helpful in college. Do not be afraid to ask for help.


Hit the books and hit them hard to prepare yourself for the masters degree you need to have a job you love to go to daily and if I don't like it I will be able to find a differnt one that I enjoy.


You?ve tried to convince yourself that education doesn?t matter - you can be successful without getting a degree. You don?t really think that; you just fear you can?t pay for it. The truth is that you can; in fact, some places will even pay you. There are scholarships available for students. Don?t wait until you?re 40 and you?ve realized that you could have struggled less in life if you got your degree earlier. Talk to your advisor. It will be much easier to finish your degree now before life gets complicated. Yes, having children of your own is wonderful, but you will be able to do more things with them if you complete college before hand. Find a way to achieve your educational dream first ? don?t abandon it over something as ridiculous as money. Then, you will have the gift of time to share with your future family ? instead of saying, ?Sorry I can?t play right now ? mommy has to study.? Those sweet angel eyes won?t understand why you don?t have time for them, and you will never forget how it tugged your heart strings to see them cry.


dont depend on 1 particular aspect of learning, the more you know, the more youll have a chance at any job. the key is to broaden your horizon whether it be one thing, another thing, or a third thing thats completely different. in short, knowledge is power, the more you know, the further you'll get ahead in life. dont depend on just your music, but go to school and learn things, pay them off asap, establish good credit by paying off the schools and education on time and you'll kill 2 birds with 1 stone.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. I was so stressed out that college would be so much harder and I thought that I would never get all my work done. I would tell myself to just be chill and enjoy my senior year because one, I will never get it back, and two, there is nothing to be worried about.


If I could go back and speak with myself as senior I would tell myself that there is no rush to finish college. Despite what has been impressed upon me my whole life, you don?t have to go right from high school knowing what you want to be, finish a four-year degree and get a job. I would tell myself its okay to not have all the answers right away and not know exactly what you want to be. I think its more important to really figure out what you want in life and a break from school with some work experience may be just what you need. I would also tell myself that you need more than the dream of going to a four-year school to succeed. You need motivation, determination and ambition to make it at a university.


I would advise myself to get started with FAFSA as soon as possible. The FAFSA process not only takes an extremely long time to process, but often there is not much help that can give you. The roughest part about college are the finance so start educating yourself now about all the terms and options. Also, I would tell myself to plan on getting a student loan. They are absolutely necissary if one wants to be able to afford college.


If i could go back in life, there are a lot of things i would change. i would first start to save up money starting freshman year due to the raising tuition amount at major 4-year schools. I would also work harder on my grades to possibly get a scholorship from the schools that i applied too, or to get into a top ranked school. i would study in high school like i am currently studying to college. I would visit the library everyday and studying hard for my tests. There is a lot i would change academically but not a lot i would change socially. i played sports and friends were really important to me. I would go back and put forth more time into my sports to try and get on a 4-year college sports team. i would also spend a lot more time with my family. I was very busy with sports and stuff in high school and didnt have enough time with my family. I would have liked to be more connected with them because family is very important.