Bellevue University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Belleve University goes above and beyond the normal standards for their students.


Bellevue University is a college that is lenient, friendly, understanding, easy to work with, and most of all flexible with people who are leading lives outside of school.


Great school to be a part of!


Bellevue University has an awsome faculty and staff.


Excellent place to get a higher education and to achieve ones dream job.


The admissions counselors are amazing, and I really enjoy being able to take all of my classes required online.


My school allows working professionals the ability to finish their degree while working full time.


My school is open to assisting the everyday working adult.


I have not yet attended Bellevue, but It is a well rounded school with high recomendations!


Bellevue University is forgiving, provides opportunity, hope and an amazing learning experience.


Bellevue offers opportunities for a wide variety of people to pursue their dreams of higher education. As a nontraditional student, I am thankful that institutions like Bellevue are available and readily accessible. Due to its size, Bellevue is able to achieve a very desirable student to instructor ratio, which in turn eases the learning process by focusing on the individual rather than the group.


My school is eager to help us stay on track academically; however, they are notorious for letting people (such as myself) run out of financial aid with little to no warning.


Bellevue University is a diverse campus of traditional and non-traditional, local/national/international students where the full college experience can be had. The professors (most) are not just book educated but actually have experience in their field of teaching.


Bellevue University gives you a reason to stop making excuses and finish your education.


Gives students an amazing opportunity to finish their bdegrees in order to better themselves with a rewarding career.


Has a good reputation with the local community.


My school isn't just rewarding me with a degree, it is rewarding me with knowledge I can use everyday for my job.


Bellevue University is an amazing and enjoyable experience for any student.


Bellevue University gives me the best opportunity to strengthen the skills I already possess, and the skills I desire to learn, in order to be academically challenged and stimulated within the area of concentration I will be learning so that I may become a conducive member of society.


Bellevue University is a school that not only provides numerous opportunities but allows for the working adult to obtain their dream of a college education.


Bellevue University is amazing! The advisors and professors are there for you 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}! They work hard to make sure that each student has everything they need to succeed!


A University that allows students to gain the knownledge and skills to be successful in the career they desire.


Bellevue University is a Great school that is geared towards the working student. I am able to maintain my work schedule and attend school full-time as well.


This University has been very friendly and has made desire to go to it just because the way they have dealt with me. I also like the degree they offfered me.


Bellevue University is beneficial for returning students.


I consider my schoolvery educational.


Bellevue is a cost friendly school but lacks a solid financial aid department. They give the run around to students waiting for a check. They hold your check until after the drop class deadline. If you're not an athlete or foreigner you will receive different treatment from staff and other students. There is no on campus housing, the parking is terrible, and not very well light for night classes. Most professors are accessible and friendly.


I enjoyed my classes,teachers and classmates and learned a great deal of knowledge at this school.


Bellevue is eclectic; we have a mix of ages and ethnic groups as well as full time and part-time students.


Bellevue University is a private college that specializes in accelerated programs for adults returning to college to finish their education.