Bellevue University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


A group of varied individuals that were all seeking a college degree.


My classmates are helpful and if you ask them something they will surely help you. My classmates at Bellevue University are also very diverse. There are all sort of ethnicities there and I think that is a great thing because I got to know a lot of people I wouldn't have met otherwise. I am not only learning in my classes, but I am also learning about other cultures as I make more friends.


I am online!


My classmates are a collages of onboard snippets of various topics and express as one family and helping each other to reach our maximum potentials.


We're all reaching for one goal: success.


My classmates are my friends and we all work together to achieve the same goal.


We all seem to be understanding towards each others goals in life both professionally and in the class room.


My classmates were individuals that were trying to attain better paying jobs, and they were moreso professional people already.


Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable.


They seem strong, have experience in what they are pursuing and want to make it official, seem like people I can get to know and learn from.


The students in my undergraduate classes were either young people working at blue collar jobs attempting to complete their bachelor's degrees or individuals working in a professional environment trying to complete their education to enhance their positions.

Karin Lea

They are professional, helpful, willing to give great advice and listen to you when needed; they are a friend, classmate but most of all a fabulous support system.


My classmates at Bellevue University are non traditional students. Most students are employed full time and many have spouses and children. My classmates are motivated and intelligent and I am proud to call them my peers.


I haven't met any of my classmates yet so I really can't answer this question.


My classmates are diverse and inquisitive. Many of them have traveled a lot and experienced other cultures, because they are from military families, so the things that they share, I have yet the opportunity to experience. It has been good for me to be exposed to what they have learned from their wordly encounters through travel.


I will be attending Bellevue online so my classmates will be virtual classmates.


My classmates are diverse in age, very friendly, enjoyable, like one big happy family, we get along well and we are all friends!


As the youngest person in the room, my elders are an insightful, respectable, outrageous group of students.


My classmates are dedicated and eager to learn.


I am an online student and rarely interact with others


Most of my classemates are in athletics, so classes with them are entertaining and can be helpful because they are in the same major as I am.


My classmates are very knowledgable and helpful individuals.


My classmates are helpful, insightful, and bring a lot to the learning table. They come from various healthcare fields all over the world as it is an online cohort in which we are participating. Everyone is eager to help each other navigate the online courses which can sometimes be tricky.


classmates are professional individuals who are open and honest with communication and serious about their education.


My Psychology class mates are like a disfunctional family, we all try to help each other out. Other classmates are also very nice and friendly.


My classmates up to this point, for the most part, put forth minimum effort and then wonder why they do not pass tests; lazy if you will.