Bellevue University Top Questions

Describe the students at Bellevue University.


A group of varied individuals that were all seeking a college degree.


My classmates are helpful and if you ask them something they will surely help you. My classmates at Bellevue University are also very diverse. There are all sort of ethnicities there and I think that is a great thing because I got to know a lot of people I wouldn't have met otherwise. I am not only learning in my classes, but I am also learning about other cultures as I make more friends.


I am online!


My classmates are a collages of onboard snippets of various topics and express as one family and helping each other to reach our maximum potentials.


We're all reaching for one goal: success.


My classmates are my friends and we all work together to achieve the same goal.


We all seem to be understanding towards each others goals in life both professionally and in the class room.


My classmates were individuals that were trying to attain better paying jobs, and they were moreso professional people already.


Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable.


They seem strong, have experience in what they are pursuing and want to make it official, seem like people I can get to know and learn from.