Bellevue University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It caters to the working adult. I am Active duty military and I deploy a lot. I am married and have 3 dogs, I do not have the luxury of attending a brick and mortar school. That is why I chose this university aside from being very military friendly school it also has a very good Graphic Design program.




I did an unofficail survey of recent college graduates, before I enrolled, and Bellevue University received the highest marks from students for both their quality of education, and williness to address students needs. As a recent retiree, I would like to continue my education with Bellevue University and then give back to the community as a consultant to interested in Retail careers and the changes in business based on smart technology and social media. I belive that a degree from Bellevue would ensure me the credility needed.


Bellvue University is best known for being one of the first accredited institutions to offer online degree programs and is currently ranks in the top twenty Universities according to U.S. News and Report for the best online bachelor program survey.


Bellevue University is best known for excellent sports programs and success driven teachers. Classes are offered on campus and on-line to help working students earn their degree.


I'd say my school was best known for providing an education that is accessible to many people nationwide with it's online courses, and capabilities.


Excellent source of secondary education. Highly credited establishment.


Bellevue is known for their student athletes.


Bellevue has the best professors around. They keep you engaged in your studies and they show you how things are used in the real world and not just in a book.


I would say my school is best known to be good for working adults. They are convenient as they offer almost every program online so that makes it easy for a working adult to be able to continue their education.


Bellevue University excels in adult education. Their classes are small, they focus on important learning material, not busy work and their instructors are hands down, the best I have seen, and always accessible to the students. The on-line learning option makes it possible for adults like me to return to school and still have time for work and family. It is a unique mix.


My school is knowing for real learning for real life.


This is my first year so I am not quite sure how to answer this question. A friend of mine completed his online degree and was very pleased with Bellevue, the learning format and the professors. I am attending Bellevue based on his recommendation.


I am an online student and not local to the area so I cannot accurately answer this.


I would say what Bellevue University is best known for is its accelerated programs. This is the main reason I chose this school. ANd the flexibility of taking classes either on line or in the classroom.


Bellevue University is known for providing working adults a way to obtain their degrees.


There are actually two things that Bellevue University is known for. One, they focus on higher learning for working adults, and two, they are known for their award-winning online educational system. As I am a full time, online student/working adult, I can safely say that they live up to their reputation .


Helping students who have full time jobs finish there dgree in accelerated courses.


Bellevue University is most known for providing opportunity for higher learning to working adults. They are known for their outstanding online courses and various Degree Programs that they offer. They are also known for their extraordinary staff and great graduation rate.


My school is best known for its online degree's and accellerated programs.


Not sure!


My school is best known for its affordable cost, its online degree program, its accelerated bachelors program, and its convienence for working adults.


Their online programs


Community based service and supports to all who attend.


Bellevue University is best known for its accelerated programs for non-traditional adults finishing their education.


Online classes and the help that the teachers provide.