Bellevue University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I have not attended the school as of yet, I will be in the fall. So far the ease of enrollment and the staff have been wonderful.


When discussing my school, I tell friends how convenient it is to be able to do my work from anywhere in the country.


this school allows me time with friends, family, farm animals, work, and still have time to focus on school, most schools wont aloow the time.


I've suggested to many friends that they should consider BU because of the flexibility, 8-week long classes, and the ability to graduate in as little as 16 months with a Master's degree. I'm also impressed by the quality of education I'm receiving through online classes; the professors are very knowledgeable and helpful.


I am proud to be part of a university that truly cares about the success of each individual student. From program options to class, Bellevue goes above and beyond to ensure that there is an opportunity for every student to succeed.


The campus is small/quaint but also sits in a beautiful setting and is always expanding to address the needs of each generation of students.


The conveinence of the classes offered and its reputation speaks for itself.


What I brag most about regarding Bellevue University is their nationally top rated online learning environment. This feature allows me to participate in classroom discussions and complete mu coarse-work from anywhere on Earth. Its online classroom has enabled me to even go to school while I have been deployed to the Middle East for the U.S. military. Without Bellevue University’s online component I would be forced to take multiple large breaks in achieving my education. Online programs at Bellevue are what makes me, an enlisted member of the U.S. Air Force, able to pursue my future.


I will be done in 15 months.


I like to tell them that if they have attended another college that Bellevue from my point of view accepted most of my credits that I had already earned therefore, not having to retake classes that were still relevant to my major.


That I love my classes and cannot wait to apply what I have learned to my job. The things I learned will make my job a passion and not only a job.


Bellevue University works with each student to find the most convenient schedule that will fit their needs. Everyone I have come in contact with from the Student Advisors to the Financial Aid office has been very pleasant and extremely knowledgable. If I e-mail anyone at the University, they respond within one day. The professors are always available to help if you should need assistance. Bellevue has an online library which is helpful when writing papers. They also have a department that will help with resume's and critique your writing style. I love this school and the individual attention.


When I talk to my friends I explain how great the professors are here and how they help the students really learn the material and understand it. I think that the professors make the University so great and the reason why I love attending Bellevue University is becuase I knwo if I have questions or do not understand the material, I can go to the professors and get help.


I tell my friends that Bellevue University is ranked number one for online learning and that their programs actually teach you what employers are looking for in a college graduate.


How easy the online programs has been.


Bellevue is a great online learning environment and perfect for people who need a flexible class schedule. Bellevue offers many opportunities to obtain a degree in a timely manner and is a perfect fit for people who need to juggle school, work, and any priorities in someones life. This college has an award winning online setup for classrooms and is a proven success.


I'm very glad that this university partnered with my place of work to create a degree that is specific to my current job at SunTrust bank.


Baseball and volleybal teams victories and the acceptance of the college in the workplace and job placement opportunities in the field.


the greatest thing about my school is that they offer a cohort program that is an accelerated B.S. program in which you graduate in only one year. Since I am on active duty and I already finished my community college of the Air force then all of those credits transferred making me eligible for the one year cohort program.