Bellevue University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Bellevue University?


Any kind of person can attend this school but it is especially great for military or working adults.


The type of people who should attend Bellevue University are the ones who are dedicated to completing their work and set goals for themselves. Those who have dreams of going to school and getting a degree should apply at Bellevue University.


One seeking a good education and a an online degree that will open doors for them in the workplace.


Hard to answer this question, because if one school is good for one student, may not be good for the next student, it really depends on the person and their situation.


Bellevue University is a school that can fit most people, but the most common type of person is a working adult finishing up a degree or starting on a degree.


A student who i dedicated and would like the opportunity for a great education.


This is a perfect school for working adults. With having the ability to do all of my classes online it has made it possible to go back to school. Plus having the convience of the campus there if I need it.


I think any "kind" of person should attend as long as they are wanting to better themselves and take this opportunity to pay attention and study hard and do the best that they can. Even if you don't always have the best outcomes you never know what you will have learned, who you might have met or what you may have gained from the experience.


Any kind of person should attend Bellevue University that has a drive to change the course of their own life. Each student will be assisted and advised to complete their degree of their choice.


Someone who is ready to take the next step in their life should attend this school. This school is a great place to continue your education. They are ready and willing to help people of all ages and skill levels. Even if you were out of school for 10 years, like I was, it is really easy to get back into the swing of things!