Bellevue University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any kind of person can attend this school but it is especially great for military or working adults.


The type of people who should attend Bellevue University are the ones who are dedicated to completing their work and set goals for themselves. Those who have dreams of going to school and getting a degree should apply at Bellevue University.


One seeking a good education and a an online degree that will open doors for them in the workplace.


Hard to answer this question, because if one school is good for one student, may not be good for the next student, it really depends on the person and their situation.


Bellevue University is a school that can fit most people, but the most common type of person is a working adult finishing up a degree or starting on a degree.


A student who i dedicated and would like the opportunity for a great education.


This is a perfect school for working adults. With having the ability to do all of my classes online it has made it possible to go back to school. Plus having the convience of the campus there if I need it.


I think any "kind" of person should attend as long as they are wanting to better themselves and take this opportunity to pay attention and study hard and do the best that they can. Even if you don't always have the best outcomes you never know what you will have learned, who you might have met or what you may have gained from the experience.


Any kind of person should attend Bellevue University that has a drive to change the course of their own life. Each student will be assisted and advised to complete their degree of their choice.


Someone who is ready to take the next step in their life should attend this school. This school is a great place to continue your education. They are ready and willing to help people of all ages and skill levels. Even if you were out of school for 10 years, like I was, it is really easy to get back into the swing of things!


Anyone who is looking to get a degree in a vast array of studies can go to this school. The admissions department and financial aid departments work really well with students to get them into the classes they need and to be able to make it affordable.


The type of person that should attend Bellevue University is someone who is self-motivated, able to work in a fast-paced environment, and who is interested in having a top-notch education.


Anyone should attend this school. It is great for military and for younger students looking to get a great education. I know that they have students around the country that come to this school and everyone has a great education when they leave this university.


Anyone who is dedicated to getting a degree in order to better their careers. Those who are working or have family obligations and can't attend an in person on campus school. Someone who is self diciplined and can stay on task cause it can be time consuming at times. Anyone who has completed several credits and just needs to finish their degree can be in the cohort.


Someone who wants to improve their life, career, and self! Anyone with a goal to excel in life and expand their horizons and earn a well respected degree from an excellent university!


I'm doing an online accelerated program. I'm attending because they took 100% of my credits. Anyone seeking to further their education should attend this school. The staff is friendly and helpful with enrollment.


I think everyone should come to Bellevue University. While many of my classmates are over the age of 25, work full-time or have a full-time family and live all over the world, I think that does nothing but enhance the experience you get with Bellevue, because of the perspectives your classmates will have on the world. Bellevue University also offers on-campus classes as well as the online curriculum it is well-known for.


Any person who wants to better themselves academically and for their families or for better advancement opportunities.


Literally anyone should and could attend Bellevue University.


The person who would benefit the most from Bellevue University is the working parent. Bellevue offers online courses which you can access at any time day or night. Someone who's employment requires travel would also find the online classes a plus. At my place of employment I travel quite a bit and this is working out great for me. I know others who work full time and have several children. Bellevue also offers accelerated programs for those who would like to earn a degree at a quicker pace.


The type of person who would attend this school would be a hard working, dedicated individual who only strives to be the best.


Someone who likes a small town kind of atmosphere, hard-working, dedicated, laid-back, and enjoys meeting new people and knowing everyone around you.


A person should have good studying abilities to allow them to finish my degree and use my resources to get almost any task accomplished including graduation. They should have friends and family that are supportive of my career and educational choices and encourage me to use creativity when tasks aren’t easily accomplished. A student should not have to worry about financial needs and responsibilities. A student should have a great abilty to adapt to changes and excel in tasks in the computing environment. A very punctual, detailed, organized and reliable persom will help in educational and employment pursuits.


If you want the whole college experience and still be able to go to school then doing it online is perfect for you. You still get the teacher & student interaction. I completed by Bachelor's program in 1 year @ BU and loved it. I wish I had found out about this school sooner.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who seeks a higher level of education from a professional staff. A person who seeks to better themselves by gaining more knowledge and work toward having the upper hand in the workforce when preparing for the future. A person who is ready for a challenge and someone who has goals and perspective on what tools are neccessary for success in the professional world.


Someone that is very disciplined if they are planning on doing online courses.