Bellevue University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Well for one, someone not self motivated. Being that I am out of state I will be attending this school online and that requires a lot of self discipline.


If you are only going to college to please your parents and are not going with the best interest of improving yourself you will have wasted time and money. People who don't know what they want to go for should just take basic classes and then look to see what interests them.


Someone who is not motivated or ready to work hard for their education should not attend this school. College is a big commitment, and if you are not committed, you most likely will not succeed. This school is not for people who are ready to party and have a crazy time while at college.


unmotivated people who aren't sure what they want to do with their lives.


I really don't believe that there is a type of person that shouldn't attend this specific college. My only thoughts in general are that if you are not serious about college and don't plan to work hard then maybe it is not the proper next step for you.


Someone who is not serious about doing their best.


I can only speak for the advanced online courses. Someone who is not self-motivated, who already has a great strain on their time and cannot set aside at least an hour or two a day for this program, may find themselves unable to keep up. An individual needs to be self-motivated and responsible to succeed in the advanced online courses.


I think all people should attend this school. If you have aa desire to move forward with your education and have the opportunity then this is place to go. Nobody should be excluded unless you don't have the desire to grow and learn at a new level.


A person who isn't dedicated and motivated to learn is definitely someone who shouldn't attend this school, or at least be enrolled in an online accelerated program. The classes are only 6 weeks long. Even if you think you are ahead, you are probably behind. A procrastinator's worst nightmare! A lot of information is thrown at you in a short period of time. You have to be dedicated to handle it.


I do not believe there are any people that should not atend this school. Everyone deserves to obtain their degrees if they choose to.


I find Bellevue University is accomodating and flexible enough for all types of students. I have not seen any barriers to allowing any type of student to succeed.


Persons who are not dedicated and willing to take on a challenge. I have attended Bellevue in an accelerated online program.


Someone who is not motivated. Otherwise, none - this is a great school!


Someone that is not serious about their education or wanting a big campus. It's close-knit and classes are the right size for the professors to know your name and actually care about how you are doing in class.


Someone who is not interested in furthering their education.


People who need a broader range of majors to choose from I would not recommend this college. I would also not recommend this school if there is astudent looking for a big style campus. Excluding the online "campus" Bellevue is a rather small institute compared to some other colleges.


Rich or very social, young people shouldn't attend BU.


Once that is interested in learning long distance.


I think you should be highly organized and focused and take things seriously. If you not any of these I think this school would not be for you.


Someone who knows exactly what to major in, is100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure about their major. You can graduate in 3 years if you wanted to. Also, someone who wants close interaction with the professors.


Anyone wanting to further their education.


any individual who is consumed with social gathering only.


I would not recommend this school to anyone who is unmotivated. This is an environment where adults are expected to follow through on coursework. It is a place where a person needs to have good time management skills.


The person that shouldnt attend this school os one that is not self motivated and determined.


Any student looking for a post-high school graduation college experience might be better served going to a bigger university. Bellevue offers little in the form of sporting events and on campus housing, so UNOmaha might be better suited for those types of students.