Bellingham Beauty School Top Questions

What should every freshman at Bellingham Beauty School know before they start?


The day after I graduated Highschool, I started taking classes at the closest, most inexpenive community college near my home in central New Jersey. I wasn't sure what I wanted out college, or my future career, so I took courses that interested me in order to help figure out my academic future. After three semesters, two summer sessions, and a deans list later, I realized that my community college did not have any more room for me to grow as a student any more. I needed to move up to a higher institution to cater my creative and new found interests and goals. Because I did so well at Middlesex County Colllege, and showed such a vast improvement from high school, I got into every single school that I had applied to; Including my first choice college in Massachussettes. If I hadn't gone to Middlesex, I wouldn't have been able to realize my strong passion for learning, creativity in all circumstances, and direction in my academic and personal goals.


I have now realized that taking my academic goals for granted has made me refocus and repriortize my life. My education and career goals will help my family financially. I strongly believe that having accomplishments in my academic life will really set the bar for great opportunities in my career life. I have always put education on the back burner since I've graduated from high school in 1996 to take care of my parents. Now as an adult and having a family of my own, I cherish the fact that I can still pursue my dreams in maintaing my degree. This is valuable to me, being a great role model for my children and allowing them to understand that I am doing the best for them.