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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school self to finish my Associates degree in high school (I was a Running Start Student). School is expensive and if you keep putting it off, it will only get harder and money and time consuming. My high school was athletic and she had plans to move to a different state. I would tell myself to have a plan B in case things change and you don't end up moving. Always plan ahead, make friends in Running Start they can help you get organized and ahead. I would tell myself not to worry about your friends College decision. Focus on yourself and be the best you can be, you are kind, but the time you spent helping your friends get ahead, pushed you behind in you career and focus. I would tell myself to Proritize but don't forget to travel and have fun and always keep smiling.


To never give up, and always have a plan B. To look exhaust all your options and resources to succeed and accomplish the goals you want.


Stay in school and finish. It's easier to do school before you are married. Lower your head and plow through, you'll be thankfull later.


My first words of advice would be to save more for school. Their is so much I did not anticipate Financially. Books and supplies have been over my head at times. Any small amount of money would have helped. My second would be to study more basic skills. such as: Math, English. As I am in these classes, I am starting to realize how much I skipped in highschool. If I had the chance, I would deffinately tell myself to focus more. I am doing very well for the situation I have been given. But these small improvements would have made a world of difference.


Looking back on my highschool years the first thing that always comes to mind is the peer advice that I found so insignificant and absurd. Most common saying spoken by a highschool graduate award goes to..." Do well in school, school is important for your future. " Simple as that saying is it's something I can't forget because when I'm offering my advice to younger friends who are in the position I was five years ago I find myself saying the same thing. Five years ago the important things in life were boyfriends, friends, and what to do this weekend. This doesn't mean I didn't pull passing grades or was a failure of a student. It means I know I could have done better, that's important to me. I should have taken the opportunity to get involved in running start, leadership programs, and pulled the straight A's I know I'm capable of. After you walk out of those hall June (graduation year) nobody cares who your boyfriend is and what your friends are doing. It's time to make myself proud and solidify my future doing something I love and worked hard for.