Belmont Abbey College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Belmont Abbey College are the people. The students, faculty, staff, and monks of the monestary that ownes the school are what make Belmont Abbey the school and campus all that it can be.


they support non-traditional students equally with traditional students.


The Benedictine values offered by the institution make everyone feel welcome and help build a strong community of students, faculty, staff and locals. You truly feel valued as a contributor to the College by simply being there, and the experience is more than worth the financial investment one looks at before deciding at a school.


Ethnic diversity is very emphasized here. This allows the school to learn a lot about the world and for the world to learn about them. Belmont Abbey has students from many different nations, so not only is Belmont Abbey experiencing such great people, but when the international students go back home, Belmont Abbey is now an internationally known institution. This diversity is seen in sports, music, food, history, and many other social events. As a hopeful future teacher, I love to know many different and fascinating people that not only I can teach, but also learn from.