Belmont University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Belmont University is a special, enclosed private school that is best knownfor its music performance, music business and audio engineering departments.


Belmont University is a small private Christian university right on the edge of Nashville's famous Music Row that has made it's name as a training ground for every facet of the Nashville music scene.


Belmont University is flourished with excellent opportunitites towards audio engineering (my major) and is well worth the money I will be paying.


Belmont is a very beautiful, religious, liberal, artistic school.


Belmont University is a school where you can find diversity, but find yourself overwhelmed in the mass student population of Music, Business, or Music Business majors.


Belmont is an artsy, very musical, and beautiful school that welcomes everyone into its warm environment to be and continue to grow into the people they were created to be.


It is just the school I need for the career that I have chosen; the professors and technology available make it one of the best schools available for audio engineering technology.


Belmont University is a place where students are able to find where their own gifts and skills meet the greatest needs of the world.


Belmont is a very high quality campus.


My school is full of life and excitment, everyone has big dreams which with the help of Belmont they can be reached.


It is a very artistic and musically inclined school, however, I would not recommend going if you if are very conservative or not musically inclined atleast in some way.


Belmont is primarily a school for those interested in music, music business, or the medical field.


The most level-headed school in all of the nashville area.


Belmont is a great place to make new friends and is very helpful in educating and finding a career for life.


My college is kind of small, beautiful community within a city and filled with a great amount of artistic students and professors, who like to see you succeed.


The campus is very beautiful and makes staying here very worth while.


Belmont's on-campus culture is centered around music.


Belmont is a unique school with a small town feel in a pretty big city.


Belmont is a beautiful place filled with friendly students and professors who strive for all students to have success in life.


A great place to make connections if you are driven.


Belmont has a relaxed, but highly productive and creative environment that lends itself to the needs of its students by through its connections, facilities, highly respected faculty, and nationally recognized educational programs.