Belmont University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students have an upbeat, positive and supportive attitude and are all committed to their studies and faith.


The majority of the students at Belmont are white and conservative. However, they are really friendly and are able to open up their minds and realize that there are many things in this world that they may be naive to. My personal experience has been that the students are friendly and are there to learn--some however know how to have fun.


Although I have not yet even begun my first semester at Belmont, I do know that my classmates will be a diverse group of creative and talented invdividuals with the drive and ambition to chase their dreams and seek the guidance and knowledge to put them over the top.


My classmates are always helpful and very thought provoking.


My classmates at Belmont grew tremendously over the years. While the school, its philosohpy, and its physical location have a tendency to attract more conservative students, the people who attend Belmont develop into open-minded, deep-thinking individuals I am proud to have studied with.


My classmates at Belmont were a wide variety of friends and supporters with dreams and goals.


For the most part my class mates are normal people seeking an education. I have met plent of nice people and plenty of people who I choose not to spend time around. Many people at Belmont are here for the music school or music business program or they have dropped out of the program and are now persuing another major in another field. Overall the people are nice but it is clearly a music school.


Belmont students are basically a huge group of music-loving, music-playing, music-affiliated hipster kids, who may or may not actually have any religious beliefs.


Quirky, funny, intellectual, and genuine, each individual classmate contributes his/her own personality and style to the school in order to challenge themselves academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually and to uphold the values for which Belmont stands.


My classmates are fun, intellectual, and always willing to help others.


My classmtes at Belmont University were almost always very friendly, and welcoming, especially the upperclassmen.


In order to be a student at Belmont, the main word that comes to mind is focus. Yes, there are gen ed classes that must be taken, but Belmont also allows classes such as First Year Seminar and Junior Capstone. Having such a specific major (music business with a business emphasis), it is easy to be confused as to what path to take. The experience of the advisors and other students aid my choices and make them positive ones.


The school is mainly white people who have money. The students are stuck up and delusional. They seem to think that they will all make it big one day in music.


They were all super friendly and eager to learn.


My classmates are very cool, however, most of the people here are very centered around Belmont and most of us who live off campus feel very left out of the activities.


somewhat diverse.


As an African American student here on campus I can say one thing. Most of the time I love Belmont. The students here don't seem to have issues with races and it makes for an enjoyable time. On the other hand, since there are so few minority students on campus at times i do feel out of place, or like I don't fit in. It is an interesting mix because the students here don't care about race, but there is still something missing. If you are a minority student, i would suggest coming here, one because it is a great way to see what the real world is like. You are not always going to be a majority, or feel like you fit in, and this is a great way to see this in a non-hostile way. The other reason I say come here is so Belmont can attract more minority students and students wont have the same problems I had.


Belmont students are very diverse in so many ways. Ethnically, geographically, culturally, religiously..the list could go on and on. We do represent every state and 25 surrounding countries and have a huge travel abroad program. We are also very diverse religiously. Although we are a christian university, we take a very non-interventional approach to that. If you want that aspect of Belmont, great! If not, great! You are allowed to do whatever it is you want to do, and Belmont will push you to only become greater in that choice.


Because Belmont is a Christian university, people often think that translates into a student body that does not accept other religious beliefs, but I feel that it's just the opposite. At Belmont they encourage us to question our faith so that we can become stronger in it, and open our eyes to many different belief systems so that we are aware and informed. It's true that Belmont is unapologetically Christian and encourages Christian values in all that we do, but it doesn't mean that people of other faiths won't be greeted and engaged warmly and openly. As a racial minority, it's easy for me to feel underrepresented at Belmont, but I have never felt like any of the students were judging me based on my heritage. I'm proud to be here, and hope that my presence here can encourage others to feel like Belmont is a safe welcoming environment. Students here come from diverse financial, social, and political backgrounds and it's park of what makes Belmont so great. We're individuals, and that's definitely recognized and appreciated by our peers.


My classmates are excited to be at Belmont and generally pretty focused on their studies; however I feel that some of them aren't thinking carefully enough about their future after college.


My classmates are extremely smart, determined, and fun interesting people.


Diverse in what they want to accomplish. Its like every extreme individual you had at your high school, its like we all decided to come to one school


My classmates are an eccentric, artistic, wonderfully electic group of kids!


Kind of wealthy and sheltered


Some are lazy, but most are working their best.


they want things handed to them


There are a whole range of students, students from all over the country come to Belmont to study Music Business and so my classmates vary greatly.


Slightly closed-minded but driven, focused, and compassionate.