Belmont University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Belmont is the premier school for Commercial Music with an outstanding reputation of graduates actually working in the industry. Also the legacy of quality musicians who have graduated from Belmont continue to keep the standard high by coming back to the campus on occassion and investing in the school and its students. This particular degree coupled with the culture of Belmont are simply not found elsewhere.


Belmont University is best know for its amazing number of successful graduates in the Music Industry including both performers and businessmen, its Mike Curb College of Music Business, and the Belmont School of Music.


Belmont is best known for their Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, a college I am currently in and it is the reason I chose to come to Belmont.


Musical Theatre; Music Business; Music anything..




My school is best known for their Music Business program. They offer one of the best in the country. They bring in industry big shots to teach classes and give seminars. Also, they provide internship opportunities in the surrounding Nashville area, and also limited opportunities in New York and Los Angeles. These are not standard opportunities for other Music Business programs.


There are so many amazing alums from here who have acheived so many great accomplishments. Some of them are famous musicians and singers, as there are great music programs offered here.


We are best known for our music business program, and there is definately a reason for it.


My school is best known for there amazing Music Business/Entertainment Industry Studies program, as well as the great Music program. Belmont University is know for shaping some of the best business minds of the Entertainment Industry in Nashville as well as in many other huge cities in the United States.