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Great school! A lot of opportunities!


It is an excellent school with great academic/ extra cirricular options for everyone. The counselors and advisors take each individual students academic career very seriously.


Belmont is in the heart of Nashville. You're close enough to Music Row to see the industry. There's opportunities to also be involved in the industry on and off campus. Music is the heart of Belmont and there are plenty of opportunities to share and hear talent throughout the school year on campus. Belmont also offers music business and audio engineering/technology as majors at the university. These students are also encouraged to involve themselves in showcases and concerts on campus as well as festivals and concerts off campus.


There are very few classes at Belmont University with more than 25-30 students enrolled. This kind of environment strengthens the relationship among students and teachers as well as allowing debate and conversation of the topics covered in the class. Belmont also provides many opporutinities for students looking for out-of-classroom experiences, with community service projects and numerous study abroad choices.


This school is not a very good one to go to unless you want to major in music. Your money would best be spent going to a school that actually cares about that major.


Belmont University has a great music department. If you want to work in the music industry at any level you can get the training that you need at Belmont. The music professors are great. Belmont provides their students with great opportunities both on and off campus. Being in Nashville is also a great plus.


One of the unique qualities of the school is its size. The fact that Belmont is not a very large university means that students really have a one-on-one experience with the professors. Also, with the size of Belmont allows for the students to not become overwhelmed by the numbers of people on campus. Classrooms consist of no more than fifteen people (on average) so there is plenty of opportunities to meet new people. There definitely is a feeling of community here at Belmont, which I believe exists because of the size of this quaint university.


All in all belmont is a great place, and I am very thankful that i came here.


It's a great place full of great people. That's a fact. :)


The connections between real life companies and student events, the size of the school (in students) is great, and the post graduate opportunities are endless.


It is only about 5000 students. It is much more oriented toward the arts than many schools, but it also has a strong music business program. It is very, very unique.


Belmont is a very creative and artsy school. Music Business and other music majors constitute approximately 80% of the students here. It is a great school if you're very musically inclined and plan to have a career in the music industry whether as an artist or and executive. It is a great school to accelerate your faith and meet a lot of people with the same interests as you. It is the perfect size school and offers plenty of career opportunities. It is right in the heart of Nashville and there is plenty to do around town.


Belmont was the only school I applied to, I looked at other schools but they were too big, charged out of state fees and did not cater was well to encouraging a student to sucess. Belmont has the Music Business major I was looking for, small classes, friendly people, great housing and an amzaing community.


Belmont is a perfectly sized school with extremely intelligent professors. Belmont has a fantastic music and music program that were perfectly suited for my academic studies.


Nashville is a great city for college students, with a host of entertainment opportunities, a variety of job options, diverse neighborhoods, and, I am convinced, some of the best people in the entire world. It's true, what they say, that Nashville is a big small town. It just feels like home. Belmont is a reflection of the city. There is no end of opportunity, and your education and social life are what you make them. Most all of the degree programs are staffed with excellent professors and the student population is diverse in individual ideas, personalities, and interests.