Belmont University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes they are very much accurate. Well over half the school is involved in some sort of music program.


somewhat- students are for sure into music and some are a little snobbish but overall, its not a problem.


The inside perspective of the stereotypes are correct. A majority of the students here do try and fit the trendy scene, and try to be independent, but since there are a bunch of them doing the same thing, the term independent cannot apply any longer.


While a big population of us are music kids and "Belmont kids" there are many of us that break that mold and are very much our own people. That is one thing that I absolutely love about Belmont, we are our own people and do not at all fit into one group or stereotype.


Most of the time, haha, but it's all in good fun.