Belmont University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


They are rigorous, in short. There are some exceptionally intelligent students that make learning challenging, but ultimately makes you step up your game.


Classes are small and the professors do know you. Belmont's science department is underfunded. They have outdated equipment, small classrooms, and not enough faculty to teach all courses. The school does not put money into the department. Belmont only cares about music and their graduate school. The rest of the programs get little support.


The honors program is great! I love having the freedom to customize my major and the opportunity to have an official tutor. I also really enjoy the art department- the teachers are awesome and care about each individual student!


Here at Belmont we are more than just a student I.D. number. The teachers try there hardest to learn all of their students names, and it pays off. The teachers are very approchable and really want to see us succeed.


Professors know my name, my family, and anything else about me that I have mentioned to them. Because we have such a small student body this is possible and I love that about Belmont. My favorite class is Dr. Vaughn May's American Government class. He made me love the American political institution and actually want to switch my major. That man loves what he does and is very capable of sharing his knowledge with us. If you ever get the chance to do anything with him, don't even think about it a second time. Do it! :) Intellectual conversations occur all over campus and it's amazing to me how involved students are in everything. We want to know what it is that is going on around us and what our fellow students are working on. Belmont students are very informed and some even have gone on to represent us at the White House! Most unique class? Confronting Genocide with Dr. Daniel Schaffer. It was all about learning the ins and outs of atrocities that are qualified as genocide and how we should and do react as individuals and a nation to those things. He is brilliant and I was honored to learn under him. The education at Belmont is geared towards what you want to gear it towards. Every major is unique to the person that is planning the career through the university and whatever you want to do, you can do. You can gear it towards the workplace or academia alone, that's the beauty of the system.


Belmont's faculty are incredible. Professors from three semesters ago still remember your name even when you've only had them for a gen. ed. class. Although some gen. ed. classes can seem tedious and difficult for people studying a completely different field, the professors are willing to work with you to get you through the class. Often through their passion they even spark a new fire in their students, allowing us to open our eyes to a field we never knew we could excel in. Regular discussions and even controversial topics are talked about in an intelligent and respectful manner in the hallways between classes. Students are encouraged by faculty to not let their learning stop in the classroom. Also, classes are often offered about non-traditional subject areas, or classes you might not see at another university. The history of baseball and french phonetics are some I've personally pursued, but the most interesting I've heard of is a sociology class that studies criminal behavior and social restraints in which students actually go to a prison and have discussions with real inmates (of course no one is ever in any danger). These students have formed real bonds with these inmates, and it's so refreshing to see Belmont embracing reality and not trying to shelter it's students. Professors always have office hours and are happy to arrange personal meetings if your schedules conflict, which is great for students, like myself, who like to stop in and discuss homework assignments or get their professor's opinion on a paper before handing it in.