Belmont University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Belmont is a great school for students interested in the music or nursing industry. The faculty and campus have an extremely religious tone that some may find off-putting.


Belmont has way too many students for its small campus size and the campus is packed. The administration refuses to recognize the small size of the school and continues to let more and more students in each year. There is not enough parking spaces for everyone and most people have to park off campus.


Belmont is just about perfect- no lie. I like that there are all types of people athletes/musicians/academics etc. and that everyone can get along. Everyone is diverse and embraces what they like even if it seems as if it would contradict.


I guess the best thing about Belmont is its size and location. Being a liberal arts college in the middle of music city has its advantages. It is a great location and creates a great atmosphere for us to attend school. Belmont is a small college, but we are growing every year.


Belmont is the single best choice I have made in my life thus far. Seriously. I have met my best friends ever, met professors that actually care about what they are teaching and to whom they are speaking, faculty that what to be involved, and staff that loves the school as much as we do. My favorite thing is the atmosphere. Belmont students love Belmont and that is apparent in every aspect on campus. I would have to say however, that my least favorite part is the food :). It can be very difficult and for me, who cares very much about health and eating choices, sometimes the options just aren't available.


The best thing about Belmont is the feeling you get when you're there. Everyone is welcoming and open, and really cares about you as an individual. It's the perfect size for a university feel without costing you your identity and transforming you into just another number. The faculty are so interested and caring about their students and really go the extra mile to make sure we succeed. Nashville is a college town, and so there's always something to do at night, and being Music City, USA doesn't hurt either. The administration here are interesting, engaging people that are open to new ideas and always very friendly. School pride never falters, and students always talk about how Belmont is the perfect fit for them.