Belmont University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is interested in careers with nursing and entruprenuership. Belmont is a great music school, but the cost of tuition just isnt worth it when you can get the same thing spending 3X less. If money isnt an issue, then all people who have interests and even just enjoy music. Friendly, outgoing, openminded individuals who are non-rebellious.


Those who like small community type schools with big school opportunities.


Anyone would be a good fit at Belmont, but students who are creative, self-motivated, and wanting to learn would thrive here. Students who specifically interested in music, be it the industry, songwriting, or performing, would be perfect fits. Also, students who are looking to be involved in campus organizations and the Nashville community are strongly encouraged to be here.


People intending to go into music or business. The school has a great business program and is very serious about it. They are also well known for their music business program because of the combination of a good business and good music program. Also since the school is located in Nashville the city is full of music. It seems most people come here thinking they are going to make it big either by performing or exploiting those who perform.


People who are creative and love music should come to Belmont. There is always someone outside playing an instrument. It is a very small and friendly school. So anyone who loves people who love Belmont.


Ambitious, creative, and devoted individuals are most likely seen at Belmont. Those who can think critically and have a serious passion for their craft or ability. Belmont University is also a thriving Christian community.


What is different about the students at Belmont compared to other schools is a focus on and commitment to experiential and active learning. Students who enroll at Belmont are not merely attending school to attain a peice of paper. Rather, they desire to graduate with a thorough understanding and accurate expectation of the world they will encounter after school. In order to be successful at Belmont, one must be willing to participate in class verbally, listen actively, and study thoroughly throughout the semester. A student who is committed in this fashion will find great learning to be attainable here.


The kind of person who should attend Belmont University is one who is dedicated to learning and determined to do his/her best to succeed. This person should also be one that gets involved with the campus activities that are available, and one who will take the steps he/she needs to take to assure that they get the best education available and to take advanatage of the resources available to do this.


Belmont University is a great school for anyone seeking a well-rounded education. In all the different schools one can find outstanding professors, and small average class sizes make for a wonderful personal environment. There are frequently a diverse array of events and presentations held around the campus, all with purpose of presenting students with new information that is relevant to their lives. To put it simply, Belmont's main purpose is to fully prepare every student with the skills and knowledge that they need for life, and that goal is met with excellence.


Most people would be able to find a niche at Belmont. Particularly if that person enjoys music, a fun city in the south, small class sizes, individual attention, and a small school feel.


An artistic, teachable person should come to Belmont University. The students are open and friendly and so should the person considering this school. If you want to the best experience at Belmont, you have to be involved and willing to make new friends. There are many opportunities to get to know people and Belmont makes sure you do the first three or four days you arrive.


An artistic, somewhat liberal, open-minded student who wants to make music a part of his or her career.


Those who have a strong interest in Music, Religion and the Arts. People who can be themselves and thrive on individuality.


Any person who likes to learn. It really is a great environment for students to learn at.


Someone interested in learning about the music busienss.


Anyone who wants to be a nurse or in the music business


I believe Belmont is great for goal-oriented and focused students. Located at the head of Music Row, Belmont is located around some of the most diverse neighborhoods in Nashville. Also, Belmont is a dry campus, so students who don't drink feel extremely secure.


Someone who knows how to focus and is a dreamer.


Anyone who is interested at all in a career in the music business should look into Belmont, but even if you are not interested in the music business you should check out Belmont anyways. Most of the students here are very career oriented and so you should be prepared for that.


A person that has values and works hard to acheive their goals.


An artist, whether of the mind or in actual practice. A coffee drinker. A self-starter, self-motivater. A thinker. A music aficianado. A smoker. A drinker. Or a Jesus kid, even. Whoever it is must be open-minded and willing to be challenged. Someone who will let himself be changed by what he learns and experiences. Someone who wants to be part of a community- school/social/or city wide. Someone appreciative of body art. Someone who can understand the magic of PBR. Someone who likes to discuss opinions. Someone comfortable with himself. Someone who can stomach fried okra.