Belmont University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Since I have always gotten good grades in my classwork, I assumed I would do well on the SAT. Not so. Testing is a different monster and I wish I would have taken a prep course and started getting test ready much sooner than I did.


I wish I had known about the dynomite blasting that goes off three times a day. It's unfortunate because you can feel this all over campus.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be to make friends. I was hoping it would be an easy transition going from high school to college, but it definately wasn't. It takes alot of effort to put yourself out there and try to click with random strangers. I wish I had known that building relationships from scratch when you are in college is alot more difficult than it is when you are younger.


I wish I had known that Belmont's focus is merely expanding its enrollment and developing new programs. It lacks concideration and focus on its current students and educational programs. I am a science major, and our department (teachers, classes, and facilities) is lacking to say the least.


I wish I had known that Belmont isn't as much of a Christian School as the administrators would have you believe. It is a perfectly comfortable school for any student, even those with no religious background whatsoever. Aside from a couple awkward moments, usually facilitated by staff, not students, I regularly forget that I am attending a self proclaimed Christian Institution. It's more like a hippie school masquerading as a religiously affiliated University.


If there was one thing I wish I would have known before I came to this school, it would be to know more about more scholarship opportunities through the school.


I wish that I had been more evaluative of my own career and life goals. I came to Belmont to major in Commercial Music, but ended up switching to a double major in Philosophy and European Studies. My decision had nothing to do with the quality of the music program, however, but with my own goals, interests, and desires for my education. Even with the switch, though, Belmont has proved to provide a first-rate education in both disciplines.


I wish I had known more about the professors-- their teaching methods, classroom decorum, expectations, backgrounds, etc. I wish I had known more about what life on campus is really like, as opposed to how the campus brochure described it. I also would like to have had a better understanding of the dynamics of city life, as Belmont is only a few blocks from downtown. I wish I had known which credits would transfer, so that I could have more productively spent my time in the year preceeding my move to college. In short, I wish I had planned ahead.


I wish I had known about the homework load and the level of difficulty. The workload is challenging, and if I had been aware of this, I would have taught myself before I came to college to be more organized and to procrastinate less. Organization is key to college life, and especially to a challenging college like Belmont.


To be firm and more grounded in my own beliefs, and to not compare others actions to my own. And that it would be hard at first to find where you fit in at Belmont, but if you really invest in different activities and get involved you will find your niche.


There are a number of things that I wish I would have done. Number one would be that I had filled out a lot more scholarship applications for the upcoming school years. The finacial burden of college has taken a toll on my family, which could have been avoided if I wasn't as lazy I was in high school about looking into college tuition help. Another thing is that I would have be a lot more prepared for college if I know how to study properly and the importance of studying. In college, studying is a must.


Nothing. I knew what the school was like when I visited here.


I wish I had known that you have to make an effort to meet and be friend with people. People don't just come to you. Also, everybody is smart and incredibly talented. There is definitely a sense that everyone was a big fish in a little pond, but now they are in the ocean.


The difficulty to play sports and stay within a major, while living off campus and paying rent every month became far more difficult to keep my grades up. Also, if I knew about the culture of the south more before coming to Nashville life would be a lot easier (me coming from New England).


Before coming to this school I wish I had known what my source of motivation is.


I wish I had known how expensive 4 years would be.


I pretty much knew exactly what I was getting into when I decided to attend this school.


The total expense for living away from home.


I wish I had known that the social life was extremely lacking. I am even in a sorority and find myself bored to death on weekends.


Not to stress out too much about college life or being home sick. It is really easy to get used to being away and meeting new people and feeling at home.


I wish I had known that networking and taking advantage of who you know is extremely important. I wish I had learned to be extremely open to every opportunity.


Nothing. It's good to discover as you go.


I wish I could have known how terrible the cafeteria food is before coming here and the problem is that you have to buy at least a 14 meal a week plan your freshman year so you get stuck with it. Another thing that would have been good to know is that Belmont is very tough to get financial aid and scholarships from. It is a very expensive school but you certainly get a lot for what you're paying for such a guranteed internships in the music industry and lots of hands-on training.


I wish I would have known the importance of getting involved early on. If I had to do one thing different I would have gotten involved more when I was a Freshman.


I need to be very proactive if i want to succeed or network.