Belmont University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The students are very creative and talented. Hands-on experiences and professional studio equipment.


Performance opportunities are plentiful and help you gain experience in the field.


The best thing about Belmont University is the size of the college. Belmont is a medium sized school. I have never had a class over 24 students, which allows me to be able to connect with the fabulous teachers we have at Belmont, and not just be a number in a lecture hall. But, at the same time, there are enough students to have school spirit and have fun.


At Belmont, you can just be yourself, whoever that may be. There is no judgment...everybody is discovering their own path.


The best thing about Belmont University is that it offers degrees in music industry fields and that it sits atop Music Row in Nashville, Tennesee, Music City, USA. Many of the professors are music industry professionals with unique and meaningful experience to those of us passionate about the industry. The internship and networking opportunites are exceptional.


The sense of community is definately a wonderful thing. I love how welcoming and accepting everyone on campus is. We are all here for our own reasons, but we are also intertwined with each other in such a carefree way. The sense of tranquility that floats throughout campus is very refreshing and I would say it is the best thing about my school.


Belmont has a tight community feel with all the pleasures and anemities of big city proximity. This is a major benefit with a lot of bonuses attached. The city provides a plethura of cultural experiences and amazing eateries, and public transportation will take you there. Belmont's community is home to amazing musical talent-- kids with big dreams and the courage to pursue them-- and almost all of them are familiar faces. The University's saying of "from here to anywhere" is actively lived out in the lives of my peers. Every day, they challenge me to do the same.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. There are so many different kinds of ethnicities and backgrounds and majors to choose from. It may be considered primarily a music school (which it does have an impeccible music program), but they have so much more to offer than just that. I have friends who are nursing, microbiology, classic guitar, and journalism majors. It's an incredible place to really find your passion in life.


The learning environment and the job opportunities you are set up with after you graduate.


The best thing about Belmont (besides the really friendly people everywhere) is probably the teachers and advisors. I am in the honors program and the teachers spend a lot of time making sure an individual gets the most out of his or her education. Students get personal attention if they need it. General or freshmen class sizes are never more than 25-30 people (where at a larger state school there are classes with 200+). Also, every time I visit my academic advisor, I feel so much better and like I know where I'm headed in life.


The chance to meet industry professionals and make contacts while you're in school, so that you have a contact base right out of college to get jobs!


The friends. There's a lot of people who enjoy music, like me. It's also to know there's other Christians who care about their career in relation to the Gospel.


The Location of the school and the Quality of the programs of the best in the country.


The classes are small and you get lots of one-on-one time with your teachers. The professors are almost always willing to help outside of class if you have any problems.


Professors...because belmont has small classes, the professors - who are awesome - can really get to know you and give you closer attention.


Everyone knows someone who went to Belmont or went to Belmont themselves. This school is perfect for networking and building a career, as well as being academically prepared for whichever field you are looking to get into. Since the 2008 presidential elections were held at this school, it will also give my diploma a little more meaning when I graduate.


The most of the students here are truly passionate about their fields of study, especially the students in the school of music and the school of entertainment and music business. The professors understand that and are just as passionate about teaching their students. Because of everyone truly caring here, it is easy to find help, meet new people, and feel empowered to succeed.


The sense of comradery among the students. Most everyone is friendly and helpful. In the music program everyone wants to do something different, for the most part, and helps each other with their goals.


I think that the best thing about Belmont University is how it teaches its students not only the book knowledge, but the career knowledge as well. I feel that it gives great opportunites to its students and helps them realizes the dreams that they came to the school carrying. The teachers are always willing to help a student that wants to know more and reach higher potentials.