Bemidji State University Top Questions

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What makes my school unique compared to other schools is its ecofriendly design and goal to be a sustainable school.


Class sizes are fairly small, it is located in northern Minnesota so there are alot of trees and fresh air, its next to native american reservations so there is alot of opportunity to learn about a new culture.


Bemidji State University offers a very distinct climate that cannot be found anywhere else. The school provides multiple experiences for people who enjoy the outdoors, sports and a supportive, inclusive education. The school is known for being diverse and meeting the needs of all students who attend. One of the most unique aspects of this school is the infrastructure which includes underground tunnels linking buildings together. This provides students with shelter and comfort from the often excruciating cold winter months. The school is located on Bemidji Lake, which is used for recreation and parking once it turns to ice.


I think that's it's a gorgeous setting and I think that they help a lot with PSEO students. In fact, I think a lot of students there get the opprotunity to take classes at the college then it feels else were. I think that it's small enough so you can know your teacher, but at the same time big enough so you don't know everyone always.


What is unique about BSU is that they are very outdoors orentated and that is something that I looked for in a college. Also another then about BSU is the price. If you are looking for a great 4 year university then BSU is for sure one that you should consider to look into. It has a number of areas that you can major in with the option of minoring in a number of things.


Kansas State University has the most welcoming environment imaginable. It's home to many top rated programs and schools with the friendlinesses that a smaller city has to offer.


The most unique thing about Bemidji State is definitely its location. There are plenty of schools located on a lake, but Bemidji has plenty more to offer than many others. Not only do we have our wonderful lake, but the northern Minnessota atmosphere holds plenty for any person who loves the outdoors. Whether a person enjoys hiking, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hunting, the Bemidji area has it all. I've seen the area taken full advantage of, what with the high percentage of campus hunters I see heading out almost every weekend.


The town is really focused around the college and the people are really supportive. There's a wide variety of businesses so you can always find what you want.


This school is rather layed back, especially in its people. Though the school is not that diverse, it is still pretty good for northern rural MN and the students are relitively accepting of both cultural and lifestyle diversity. It's also on a lake which is relaxing

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