Bemidji State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


On a practical level, I will say that I appreciate a good winter. However, Bemidji is not a place for everyone. Things get blustery to say the least. Seasonal depression is a very real thing. It is important that newcomers prepare themselves with productive activities to do throughout the inclement winters be that music, art, ice fishing, cross-country skiing. Additionally, BSU has an interesting mix of liberal studies majors and the seemingly more practical degrees. In my opinion, I believe that a challenge here has been to help administration see the value and importance of both kinds of education.


The worst thing about my school would be that it is located in the Northern part of Minnesota, which means it is very cold here and there is always a lot of snow.


Wasted building spaces, Memorial and Deputy Halls. Inflexible and expensive meal plans, and student's that are ill prepared for college academia.


Very isolated from any major population center. Most internships require you to travel more than 2 hours away.


The worst thing about Bemidji State is simply the apathy that is present in a decent portion of its students. Many people leave during the weekends instead of staying and taking part in activities. Many students don't apply themselves to their fullest simply because they don't care or they don't wish to work any harder. I find that personally frustrating when I am someone who cares about their performance and achievements deeply. I wish more people here cared like I do.


if you want to be a success at this school you have to do it yourself there are a few professors that really care about your education but there are a lot that could care less.


Some professors are kind of bad!



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