Bemidji State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe this college is meant just about for anyone. You can find basically any type of person here and so anybody would fit in well at this college.


Anyone who is looking for a diverse education, professors and staff that are truly concerned with your future, opportunities for recreation in both summer and winter months, hockey fans and those seeking a flexible, educational experience should attend this university. It offers diverse education for many different disciplines, as well as an open, friendly climate. There seems to be something for everyone at this school and they often work in connection with the local technical school in order to provide a more well-rounded and individualized prospect for the students attending.


A person that likes a rural college (8500 in Bemidji) that likes to do outdoor activities should attend Bemidji State University. They have excellent varsity hockey, so you must be a fan. The community is fairly diverse and growing quickly, so shopping and social opportunities are improving. Students that come here must be focused and prepared to be challenged. Also, being a bit out-going and ready to try new things would be helpful.


Almost any type of person may attend Bemidji State University. It is a great college, with a variety of majors, to fit many kinds of people. I would not reccommend Bemidji State to "city" people. Bemidji is a small town, but there are still many activities going on. If you come from a tiny town, like I did, Bemidji is a nice - and not too scary- step up.


Bemidji State University is an excellent place for those who enjoy the small-town atmosphere. It's a small school located in a small town and is very close-knit. That's one thing about it that drew me in. It has an excellent and well-known teaching program - so those interested in being education majors should look into BSU. It's known for other programs as well, such as business and visual arts. Students that enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities would find themselves very much at home while attending BSU. It's a beautiful campus on a lake.


someone who is looking to work hard and be pushes academically by the professors, but also to have fun and take some wonderful experiences with you


Students who love the outdoors and easily make new friends should definitly come to BSU. The main attraction of the campus is the beautiful Lake Bemidji. There is fishing, canoing, ice fishing, boating and other activities that go on year round. Students who are attracted to the big city life, should not consider Bemidji. Even though we are located in the city of Bemidji, the campus has a very rural feel.


The type of person that should attend Bemidji State is one who will be willing to put forth the effort to perform at his best. BSU has everything that any student could need to succeed in the future, but it is up to the student himself to work hard during school. There is ample opportunity to make the best of the college experience, but the student has complete freedom to decide how valuable that experience really is.


Someone who likes the cold, and enjoys being outdoors. A lot of people hunt and fish up here, so on weekends the dorms are pretty empty. Also a lot of people are from the surrounding area so they go home often. A person who is looking for a good teaching degree or wants to play varsity sports should attend here.

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