Bemidji State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I would have known myself better before coming to college. I think that having more confidence would have warranted a different group of individuals with which I became friends. However, Bemidji has a certain draw in the sense that it has indeed helped me figure out just who I am and what I want to become. I would give prospective students to get involved in everything on campus and off and not to be choosy or closed-minded about people they first meet because often the best of friends in Bemidji come from the most unlikely places.


One thing that I wish I would have known before I came to BSU is to get as many college classes over in High School as you can. not having to pay for them in college is a big plus and also it will help out with the number of years you have to attend college and the price you have to pay.


nothing. I loved the school when i toured.


I wish I would have known what I wanted to major in my first year so I could have gotten a few more classes in.


Nothing really...I love it here at bemidji. The teachers are very friendly.

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