Benedict College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's teaching and performance-arts programs.


My school, Benedict College is most known for its open enrollment policy which allows anyone who wants to attend college that opportunity. No matter what their educational or criminal background was. I feel it is a great thing to be known for because many students who attend Benedict College now would not have been able to attend another college because of their proir circumstances. Benedict College provides a second chance for many who want to take advantage of gaining a college education.


Benedict College is best known for being a historcally black college. It is also known for thier outstandingh academic program.


The Gospel Choir.


Benedict College is best know for it's strong history of successful alumni. Here students recieve great education and an great overall experiece. Sports are great as well as music.


Benedict College is known for their for their Gospel Chior and is one of the top ten colleges that produces African American with a Physics undergraduate degree.


Our school is best known for being a historically black college.


The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago is best known for its quality and passion for the cooking and hospitality industry. At CHIC students learn what tools are needed to be succesful in the industry. You are faced with challenges daily, but guided to complete success by the expert direction of the highly skilled and trained instructors. Le Cordon Bleu is known world wide as being one of the best culinary educations available.


Unc is best known for our outstanding education program, music program, and nursing program. All are intense and very selective, but will prepare students for the competitive work force that we must compete in today.


Benedict College puts a lot of emphasis on their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM deparment. It has the largest number of graduating students, along with having most activities centered towards freshmen and undecided majors. Their "Got STEM?" program allows these students to get a feel of each department by letting them participate in activities that is conducted by teachers in these departments. Also, STEM mall, a new addition to the activities done by the STEM department, lets students have a chance to look at all the science clubs offered on-cammpus and see what each has to offer.


Benedict College is best known for its pn enrollment policy. This school gives everyone an equal opportunity at n education. There is no discrimination towards prospective students. There are no background checks or any interviews to stop anyone from enrolling. Benedict College also has a program to help enroll internation students. Benedict College believes in a second chance in life. They believe in changing students lives for the better.


My school is best known for their Liberal Arts. Benedict is distinguished by its continued commitment to facilitate the empowerment, enhancement, and full participation of African- Americans in American society.


They are best known for is their academics.


This school is best known for its vast amount of homosexuals.


Music and Physics programs


Its Gospel Choir and its Physics Department