Benedict College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The things that i brag about the most to my friends at school is how the teachers are really hand on. The teachers try making sure that if you have any problems with anything you will get all the tutoring that is needed for the assignment to be complete. I also tell my friends that if they come to Benedict College has great houseing the inside had all you need to feel like you are at home. Another word that is being said is how i work out all the time for the football season that is on the rise.


I brag about how friendly the people are at my school. As I walk to class on a sunny or rainy day, there will always be someone who will speak or say a few kind words to make someone else's day. Many people in the South are more friendlier than people in the North, but attending Benedict College, that is not an issue. The atmosphere at the school is so peaceful and indulging, you cannot help but to walk around the campus with a smile on your face . I enjoy this school and the opportunities it has to offer.


Here at Benedict College there are alot of wonderful opportunitys. Benedict College makes you feel comfortable and safe, aslo the falculty are wonderful and its easy to gain trust in them. The students here are kind and graceful , even when there seems to be a hot day outside the students are calm and welcoming. The food and the services are outstanding , and the doorms are clean and have very beautiful veiws. I am very proud to call my school Benedict College a home away from home. - Jaleesa Johnson


I brag about the student life. The greek life , step shows and activities.


When I talk about my school to most of my friends I brag about learning that it is in the top ten for Physics majors in the United States. I also brag on the small class room settings and the one- on - one teacher atmosphere.


The local night life for those of my friends that party and the glass library downtown for my friends that are about academics


I usualy brag abou the convience of the classes and how you can make your schedule to suit you best.


that you can get a lot of hands on attention in the smaller class rooms unlike schools with larger classes and also that this school wants you to be successful