Benedict College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is looking to come out of college a stronger person and ready to take the world head on. This college is a great school and some of the problems that you do go through at the school allow you to take on alot of dfficulties in the real world alot easier and allow you to be able to talk to a diverse group of people.


Benedict College is a HBCU, so anyone that would like to attend a strong HBCU would perfectly fit in.


A person who has maybe made bad decisions and is trying to redeem themselves. This school is great for people looking for a second chance in life, and a person who is trying to right their wrongs.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one that is comfortable in their own skin and in who they are. They should also be openminded. This person should be well rounded and care about the community.


Any student who is passionate about food and loves the industry and the cooking enviornment should attend The Cooking and Hospitality Institute. Somebody who has the ability to take direction, be open to new ideas and are ready to hold up the reputation that each student earns from their education at CHIC. All students must be determined to take their cooking skills to the next level each and every time they cook, as the cooking industry is a constant revolution of new and creative ideas.


Unc would be best suited for a student who is dedicated, dilligent, diverse, and excited for a great education.


A person who definitely wants a science or chemistry degree, the STIMS programs is excellent.


Benedict College is an open admission school, anyone that desires a college education no matter your ethnicity, age, or economic class. Benedict is the school you should be your choice . Its a small campus so if you dont want to feel like a number and you enjoy almost the family environment Benedict College is the college for you.


The kind of person that should attend Benedict College is a student who is upper class.