Benedict College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go directly from high school to college! Waste no energy on superfluous pursuits and focus instead on important matters such as education and future aspirations!


i would tell myself to grind this last year. It would be worth it. I would put going to college for freee in the back of my head as a high school senior.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. Knowing what about college and making the transition, the advice I would tell myself never give on yourself ,never feel like everything is your fault and blame yourself that all th bad things happen to yourself. Take your studies more serious and keep your gpa up. Open your mouth went you ned help and stop be shy and shame of yourself. Tell yourself that you beautfiul and dont try to fit in with the party people.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself in high school I would tell myself to take my grades and classes seriously and take your time when choosing a school. College is serious and its where you spend four to five years getting your bachelor's degree so you want to make sure you like to environment and make sure its a good fit for you. Also, never settle always look for better and prosper yourself.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to be more consistent with my everyday activities like applying for scholarships, working out for football, and focusing harder on my academics. I would tell myself to listen to my parents more often instead of being rebellious and conceited. College is not a joke and I need to prepare myself by considering help from everyone around that willing to provide. I need to reduce my anger problems and learn how to humble myself. I should have taken my college visits a little more seriously and did my research on every school I applied to. I should have been more patient with choices of colleges instead of just choosing schools where my crushes were going or where there was a lot of partying. I would have told myself to keep my fast-food job instead of quitting because I needed pocket money for school in order to survive on my own. I would have taught myself how to sit and study more often for subjects in high school and the SAT. I would tell myself to let go of my old friends that were bad influence.


If i could go back into time being a senior and change some of the choices that i made because the have effected my life more than i have know they ever could . One step that i would have taken was making sure that i did great onto my test scores so that i could have been able to recieve my football scholarship coming out of high school. With that being said i know that would have helped me alot with paying for my tution also. However , some other advice i would give myself is time management because it is everything reason being said is because you have to know when,where,how,and what . You have to know all of the previous words so that you can be ready for the college life. High school seniors are spoiled and do not understand the responsibilites of the college life . Some other advice that i would go back and talk to myself about is trying to make sure that i had developed the focused mindset so that i wouldnt have to worry about all the little distractions that come alone with the mindless behavior of coming out of high school years.


If there were any possible way for me to go back in time and talk to my former self i would stress the importance of studying and preparing for the future. I would constanly remind my self that time isn't infinite and i must prepare for the future as soon as possible or i would likely be in a terrible economic situation as i am now. Most importantly i would tell my self that in order to survive own my i have to put in enough effort so that i may one day succed in life.


Dear Senior Me,Some chances are like fire crackers, they flash before your eyes and then they’ll disappear. Hold on tight to golden opportunities! Don’t bruise yourself over friendships that have expired, because in college, you'll just make life-long ones. Steven will probably break your heart out of the blue and have no explanation. It's okay. Joy will come with time and so will the right guy. Remember the time you failed your Algebra II test because you thought it would be a breeze? Please refrain from taking those chances in college; it's not worth the ugly grade that will threaten your fabulous GPA. Brace yourself for classes like Statistics that leave you wondering if you’re intellectually worthy enough. Shrug it off, because a dove doesn't have fins, or a fish, wings…but both species turned out just fine, and so will you! Don’t be discouraged by people with condescending comments just because you’re an English major. Oh, by the way, congrats on your admission into your dream school. All that hard work has reaped you great rewards, my friend. Have a blast at UCLA! Yours truly, College You


I would start by encouraging my past self, letting myself know that I am worth something and that I have the potential to do whatever it is I want, no matter what anyone says. I'd tell myself to learn the value of prioritizing my time between study, work, and play; be more active in researching and learning new things. Teach myself how to handle financial aspects and learn the value of saving money as well as investing. But most importantly, I would tell myself to believe in what I want to do, and believe in myself.


If i could have went back in time i would have said, check out some others school in stead of just going for the one who gived you a scholarship. I also would have said stay on top of your grades because your GPA is everything in college.


I am so proud of you with the suceess of high school, but there are many things that you need to know. The first thing you need to know is to look up more schools and apply to more schools. See which ones will offer you more money. Something else is that is very important is to take the SAT again, but before you do, make sure you study very hard. Yes, your friends are great but they will not help you get a better score. Also, do not worry about anyone else. Worry about your goals, because out of many of the people you grew up with only you and a few others will actually leave and go off to college. After researching more schools, also take the time to get feed back on the schools from alumni and current students. Most importantly, continue to look for scholarships. You can never have too many, and there are millions out there, all year long. When you get to college stay patient and put work first, because you are very bright and will do very well.


Leiasia this is really the first day of your life. Your hard work and constant focus is aout to pay off. This year is where it all begins. The work load is about to get heavier and harder. I have confidence in you. I know that if you stay focused and study hard you will achieve any and all goals you have set for yourself. Go out into the world and know that it is your oyster and yours for the taking. There is nothing you can't achieve if you apply yourself accordingly. Remember whats important and make the most of the experience. You can do this! Never give up and always give it your all. Good luck!


Considering when I was a senior in high school, I never would have thought that I would half to have a double lung transplant in 2010, I would explain to my senior self about the determination of being in college but also about how understanding the teachers are about the situation.The classes in college are very similar to classes in high school but there is more students that would be competeing against her and only the students that work their hardest on the homework would be able to receave the high grades that came easy for her in high school. As a student in college, I would let her know that there would be papers in english just like high school but the toppics would be deeper When it comes to being in a christian college, I would let her know how her church life would be connected with the classes and the camps or church activities would sometimes be required for specific classes and sometimes would even be used in papers. I would tell her that the main goal is to receive her degrea through prayer, studying, and the compassion of the teachers and leaders over the school.


What I knew then, what I know now… Knowing what I know now about college life, I should have been more social from the beginning. When I first attended my college, Benedict College, I had it in my mind I was not going to stay long. It was not the college I had initially planned to attend, but my father insisted that I go there because of the scholarship they offered me. I only went to class and then back to my room, which made my freshman year dull. When I returned home that summer, I declared to change my dull social life to a fresh, vibrant life for my sophomore year. That was all the motivation I needed and I accomplished it well. I went back to school with a new mentality, became more open with my peers, and I got involved with extracurricular activities. I took the initiative to get involved with my major that allowed me to gain a better rapport with my professors. I did not think that being social would have such a major impact on my life. Having your name out in your community in a positive way helps you and not hinders you.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are a number of things that I would tell myself. The first being to job shadow the people in the job fields that I was interested in to see if I would like the job or not. I will be going into college as a junior this fall and I am just now choosing my major. Secondly, I would tell myself that I need to buckle down much harder than what I was doing. I did study, I turned my homework in, and I made good grades, but I feel like I should have worked a little bit harder; every person can always work harder than what they actually do. Lastly, I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships. My school didn't really inform me on scholarships until midways through my senior year. Then by that time, most of the deadlines were already met. I passed up many great opportunities for that. There isn't really anything you can tell yourself to get ready for college. It can be difficult, but it's defenitly worth it!


Talking to my high school senior self about the things I know now and the lessons I've learned, I'd be talking forever. But I'd tell myself the important things and it would probably go a little like this: Don't do enough to just get by in school. You're smarter than what you put on and all that effort you failed to put in then will be greatly needed in college now. I'd tell myself that not everyone is your friend and not everyone is going to appreciate you the way you do them. Don't be so quick to believe everything that is put in front of you. So keep a kind heart and a smile, but don't let anyone try to pull the wool over your eyes. Lastly, I'd tell myself that things do get rough and times will get hard, but you're a strong woman so keep your head up. Keep reaching for the stars and never settle for less, because your dreams are far too important for you to give up. I could only hope my high school self would listen, but knowing her... she will.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and educate myself about college life and making the transition into it, the first thing I would tell myself would be to believe that it isn't impossible to get into college and making the move into college isn't all that scary. With now completing my first semester of college I have gain knowledge that there are people around you to assist you went different trials that you may go through. I realized that you can't do everything on your own and must take in advice once in a while. Working as a team will become a important assest when going through college. During my senior year of high school this information would have been even more crucial to me. Overall I would want myself to be confident in where and what I wanted to do in college.


Looking back on my high school years i would definitely tell myself to focus a lot more in class. Being in college now, i know how important getting an education is. Letting my high school self know that i can achieve anything if i put all my focus and potential into what ever i am doing. In high school i never really thought i would be able to cut it in college. I would also tell myself to look for scholarships because they used to confuse me. I never knew how to apply for scholarships or what they really meant. I would say things to my high school self, but im glad i didnt because i have learned and experienced things for myself. All the things i said and did in high school are what made me who i am today and nobody can take that away from me.


I would tell myself to come prepared for the unexpected. Although it is cliche to say it is definitly true. The first year of college you will not know what will happen or who you meet. Alot of times who you meet your freshman year is who you will be with for the rest of your college carrer. Respect all faculty and staff. Some may look at is a kissing up to a teacher, but alot of times they will support you just because they see that you are trying and that you are trying to better yourself. Alot of faculty want to see you succeed, but at the same time it starts with the student and sometimes they wont come to you to make sure you succeed, you have to come to them.


If i could have go back to high school as my last year before coming to college, i would have study harder and take more notes and save those notes to come with me to college. the first couple of months of school was nothing bout things we had already done, before the end of school. But not looking back over things, it can slip your mind at times knowing you know it but can't refreash your mind. I would have try to leave with my gpa at a higher score so it could've benefit me more, and have a better chance of doing more things in college and paying less money to go.


I would tell myself to be more focused and driven. I would tell myself to develope a plan for my life although things dont always go according to plan it's better to have half a plan then no plan at all. College is not difficult as long you stay focus and know exactly what you want. I have run into numerous problems when it came to getting ahead because i did not have a plan.


I would tell my past self nothing. I believe that my experiences are instrumental in establishing my future. If my past self saw his future self, he would probably freak out!


Jaleesa when you get to college will have to have lots of money for books. Also Jaleesa you will miss your family and friends back at home. Make sure that you put your school work first and your friends last. Study, study ,study. Make sure that you put fourth alot of effort and focus into your goals. Think each decision through carefully, and make sure that they all are positive decsions. Stay true to yourself always use the manners you were taught while coming up. And last but not least please protect yourself and do not fall in love with any young man ,take your time , reach your goals and dreams. You are in control of your own destiny.... the only one thats stopping you is you... -Jaleesa Johnson


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing I would tell myself is that the high school you gradute from does not mean anything in college. As a high school senior I had to change high schools which started a very negative domino effect which impacted my academic performance. I first did not want to attend school so I would not go or if I did I would leave early which in the end resorted in me missing classes and most importantly, tests! My advice to myself would be to apply myself more and to follow up with everything. As a senior in high school I applied to many colleges but never followed up with them afterwards regarding my paperwork being recieved or if they needed more information, which didnt benefit me later. Knowing what I know about transitioning to college life I would tell myself to think about every decision I plan to make before I make it. Just as a safety precaution and also as a young adult. Knowing that what you do today may impact your life later is something everyone needs to be aware of.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have given myself several advices. The advice that I would give to my self is this: Understand the true value of a college education. The reason why is because even though college itself consists of academics, make time for yourself, discover who you are. It will be a surprise to discover the real self. Another advice I would give my self is to always look for information about the college and their programs. Do not go to school without a plan. Another advice that I would have given my self is to always communicate with my teachers and professors. They will not coddle or cater to your needs. Professors and teachers are here to assist you with your goals. It is up to you to motivate yourself to improve communication with your teacher. That is the advice that I would have given to my high school self.


" Hey Marquis, I know this is near the end of senior year, Im going to be giving you a couple of tips for when you start your freshman year of college. First, when you do start, take at least one extra class each semester. You will be able to shave a year off your expected graduation date or be able to minor in another major. Second, set clear goals for each class. Decide what you want out of each specific class. Is this a subject you’re eager to learn? Do you want to target this teacher for a letter of recommendation? Third, learn material the very first time it’s presented. If you are able to master advanced memory techniques, you will be very successful in college. And Lastly, just enjoy college life. If you choose to live on campus, take advantage of extra curricular activities and start to get to know people. Challenge yourself academically, but give yourself plenty of time for fun as well."


If I could go back into my high school years I would have prepared myself more. If I could go back I would have also engaged more into sports and school activities. Growing up in a single household I had to work most of my high school years to afford most of the things I needed and wanted as well as save for college.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, and give myself advice there are a few things I would say. First of all, I would say choose your friends wisely. I say that because friends can be your downfall. If you choose to have friends be sure that they are people that have the same agenda as you. Secondly, I would say be responsible. Responsibility is very important when leaving home for the first time. There are no parents there to make sure you wake up on time, or to make sure your homework is done . When going off to college, you become independent. It is your responsibility to get the work done if you want to succeed. Last but not least stay focused. Being a college student means being free, and when you are free you can basicly do what you want. Alot of students get off track with the partying, and/or adjusting to the college life. My experience so far has been amazing. I have chose my friends wisely, I'm responsible, I've stayed focused, and I have maintained a GPA of 3.0.


College is very different from high school This transition determines whether or not you are ready jyo be on your own. There are a lot of priorities that you will learn about. Your parents will not be there to make you decisions. From washing your clothes to waking up and going to class; that's a decision that you have to make. This transition can make you or break you, but this is your decision. If you are not ready to go to college, then don't waste money that can go to someone else. In the long run, you will have to pay some of that money back with nothing to show for it. If you are serious about going to colege, make sure that you stay focused, go to class everyday, and under no circumstances let anyone tell you different. Work hard for what you want and it wil all pay off when you graduate. If you run into any trouble, or need help with the work there, don't get discouraged. There are student tutors, advisors, deans, and even the teachers are willing to take the extra step to help. But, you got to want the help.


Keep Your classwork first and dont not get distracted by anything or anyone. You can to college to learn not to party or anything else.


Self you are soon to enter the real world and choices you make from here on out will have a great impact on your future. Make decisions based on who you are and where you see your goal career. Make your college experience 85{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} study, 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} social, and 5{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} leisure time in order to be as successful as you would like. Stay determined, motivated, and open-minded.


I would tell myself that there are a hundred ways to fail in college and only one true path to success. The only way to succeed is to put in the time and effort into each course. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that the adage, “you only get what you put in,” is the best way to navigate towards success. I would ask myself to look at what really matters, and to question what goals are really important. I know the time I’ve spent chasing different ambitions would have been better spent working through school to take me the places I have wanted to go. It has taken me a long time to realize these things, and if I could give myself the advice I needed I would sum it up with a single phrase: diligence is the only tool to building a better future.


Stay Focused ! College is no joke, and it is nothing to be taken lightly. Use your time wisely, and study first, play later. College is and can be as great as people say, if you go into it with a positive attitude and the right mindset. Time management is key, and will play the biggest role in whether or not you're able to particpate in extra-curricular activities. Try to remember at all times the reason why you are in school, which is to ultimately obtain your degree.


When I first began college in 2009, I came in with the mentality to go through school without putting in too much effort into anything. As a first semester junior, with the grace of earning additional credits, I am growing with a very intense mindset to see change and having a positive attitude towards my classes, organizations, and volunteering. The most important thing that I am receiving from Benedict College is the love and care from professors of different backgrounds. Although their uprisings may have been different, the professors all have in mind that it is important to have more successful college graduates become all that they ought to be. I am recognizing that this generation is far creative and experienced that we all would be great leaders and play a huge role into today's society. I speak for all when I say we truly thank the Tigers for their support to all students who take interest at Benedict, who is already enrolled, and to all graduates. [RPC Fault faultString="HTTP request error" faultCode="Server.Error.Request" faultDetail="Error: [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032"]. URL:"]


I am a 27 year old single mother with a 1 year old son. I recently moved to California to attend college and provide a better life for my child. I am currently attending Charter College and I am working on my Associates Degree in Medical Office Adminstration concentrating in Medical Assisting. I have recieved Dean's List honors every semester for perfect attendance and maintaining a 4.0-3.97 G.P.A. Attending college has been valueable to me because it shows my son that no matter what struggles you have in life and no matter how hard it is you can attend college and get good grades. I will be the first person in my family to recieve a college degree. Since begining college I have also had the oppurtunity to volunteer at a local hospital working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with premature babies. I have always wanted to be a nurse and work with babies and if it wasn't for attending college I would never had had the chance to fullfill my dreams.


What I learned the most about my college experience is that even though I attend an HBCU, I still experience the diversity of any other school. I learned that there are still people with very different opinions then my own and they should have the opportunity and respect to speak their minds. This is most valuable because when I get started in my career I will need to be able that my way isn't always right and there are other ways of doing things. I will need to respect others opinions and their ideas.


When i was applying for schools i gave up because i was not accepted to any of the other colleges. when i heard about benedict and read their motto i got excited and i was accepted . Since then i have been involed with school activites and i have an high GPA. i now have the confindence that i will be a great teacher in the future and i will be succesful in life no matter what. it is very important to attend college not just for the experiance but for the networking that will come in handy in the future and also to learn about other cultures. Being apart of benedict i know that we are a power for good in our society.


My college experience has been great. You have freedom to do what you want to do. But sometimes that freedom leads you to bad experiences. Thats why you have to learn how to use your time wisely. It is very valuable attending college. It makes me know that im finally going to be someone in life, someone I always wished to be. Thats why i am not taking a chance and nothing for granted. And i am going to show my family and everyone else that its always possible to reach for something you always wanted to reach. Never say never its always possible.


As a non traditional student, I gained a college experience. I was able to get my grades to the level I wanted with the academic success team there for when I need them. I was able to join the school of honors and was able to complete an internship with a nationally known group. I was able to meet people from across the globe, while co founding an academic orgainzation on campus with some of my best friends in my major. Some my favorite times at Benedict was when I was able to see my advisor and professors for advice one on one. If I needed help with an assignment or had a personal problem, they were there with words of encouragement and asssitance. I enjoyed working with the pep club when I entered a pageant they sponsored and how all the contestants pulled together to make it happen. One of the best times at Benedict was also the annual day of service,, where I was team captain. My group visited a nursing home to play games with the elderly, share stories and snacks. At the end of the day, all the groups that volunteered shared their experiences.


I have learned that you have to work hard for what you want in life, that no one is going to give you anything. I have met people who want some of the same things that I want and some that want different thing in life. If I want to be a good nurse, I am going to have to work hard. It has made me appreciate going to school and getting a good education.


What I have received from Benedict College was that anybody that is determined to receive any education can achieve that goal by coming to Benedict College. Benedict College is very willing to make sure that any student becomes success in what they want in their future. At Benedict College students can arrive on campus as they are. When students leave the campus grounds they become the person that they always wanted to become with the help of Benedict College foundation.


My collge experience led me to love knowledge. This is why I want to continue my education an pursue a graduate degree. Knowledge is power and no price can be placed on knowledge. Once you have knowledge it can not be taken away from you. The knowledge and education that I have gained so far has assisted me on jobs and has also helped me help communities expand capacity and become more empowered. As I obtain a graduate degree in the field of health/science, this will help me expand my capacity so that I may help communities and individuals have a better quality of life as far as there health is concerned. I want to be able to provide better access to health care for indiviuals and groups who are less fortunate in society.


Upon my first arrival on campus their so many people from different diverse background ,some were friendly providing directions to lost souls and others who walked passed you without saying excuse me. Your mind wonders if this is the right place for you and can you succeed in an institution like this. Being the first person in my family to ever attend a four-year college , I was determined to do well and succeed, so putting my fears behind me had to be quickly removed. Learning to adjust to my new surrounding had to be the first order of business. Knowing the history of the college made me proud of being apart the institution and I was eager to start my learning progress. There were several challenges/interferences that came my way but I am so thankful up to this day that my advisor believe in me and keep me focus on my studies. I always remember my professor saying "association bring on assemblation, so watch who you hang around with. Connect with someone who are going somewhere and you will get far in life. My biggest regret is that I didn't continue my education and recieve my Masters.


I have learned who I am and what direction I want to take my life. My teachers and my peers have shaped me to who I have become. I have learned that I love business and everything that goes along with it. I work in retail and marketing and I absolutely love my job. I would love to have a business degree and keep doing what I love most. I want to own a bakery some day and furthering my education to learn about business and how sales and advertising works will help me suceed in the future. I value my future and my education because it is something that will stay with me my entire life.


i have learned that college is really about time management. if you can capitalize on every minute you will be very effective


So far my best experince at Benedict College is being apart of the SC Life Undergraduate Research Program. This is my best experience because it gives me hands on experience with my major. It's a valuable to attend cause it"s a steeping stone to accomplishing my futrre goals and career.


Prior to attending college, I worked for about a year before I had even considered going back to school. Once I had made it up in my mind to buckle down and do what's right for my future, there was no turning back. Since 2008, I have been attending Benedict College. This school has great teachers, small classes, and many people who are willing to tutor. Because there is a small amount of partying going on, time is better spent on studying and preparing for the next class date. I feel that Benedict College has been valuable to attend because the career centers are engaging and willing to help with my future career goals.


If I could go back to being a high school senior I would give myself advice about being able to interact well with people that are different from you because you can learn new things that could help you and you can say you've experienced that type of person. I would also start some type of college fund for myself because there are alot of expenses that go hand in hand with going to college that can be essential to how well you do in college. I would save up money for anything i needed for college including books, computers, and other materials because the economy is at a stand still at this moment and it"s hard for my parents to help me out and support the house hold at the same time. I would think as far ahead as possible because my finacial situations now are affecting my grades.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to be honest, not to trust everyone so easily, and to keep your eyes on the prize. I would tell myself to be honest because people tend to lose their self and act like someone they are not. It is just so much easier to be yourself. I would tell myself not to trust everyone so easily because people will take advantage of you and no one wants to be taken advantage of. Boys will be the main ones to attempt this. The last thing I would tell myself is to keep your eyes on the prize. What I mean by this is to remember what you came to college for. You came to college to get in education. Do not put partying above your education. You do not want to get to the end of the semester and be worried about if you passed your classes or not. If you concentrate all semester you will not have to worry.


You are an intelligent and thoughtful person. Taking the time to acquire a formal education will enable you to truly find your niche in the world and to beter appreciate all you obtain. Follow all of the leads you're afforded to fully develop your interests. Be able to sift through those notions and discoveries that may be tempting but facile. Become an asset to share with your comunity, friends, and family; so you can leave the world a better place than you found it. Enhance your character through hard work and scholastic involvement while you're young so you can enjoy the success you achieve that much sooner. All these things and more including the opportunities to solidify important and exciting social and community bonds come from the rigors of the collegiate experience. Allow yourself to enjoy all the advantages that you've earned and become a college graduate. There will be plenty of time for work, money, friends and family. Go ahead and commit to the path; the world will be ready and waiting for you at the other end.