Benedict College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


If i could have known something before school started, i would say i wanted to know of all the chances of making more money yourself and to pay for school . You can have the grants and other scholarships , even work study for the students so that you can recieve other rewards due to the chance of paying other bills. I also wish i would known that you had to have the best grades to recieve the best benefits in the college. If you have the top grades can go to school for free as long as the gpa is mantained.


one thing i wish i knew about college before i came was the benefits of finicial aid


Before coming to Benedict College, I wish I could have researched who all recieved good jobs that graduated from the college, its background, and the motives behind the rules we have to follow. I grew up in a strict military household where rules were not an problem for me to follow, but some of the rules that Benedict College has established for its students seems to be unrealistic and tedious. Other than that, the school is an overall good school, but it needs to involve more of the student's opinons and interests in what they deliever to us.


One thing I wish I had known before I came to my school is just how small it really is. I knew the school was small, but when I actually got to it; I didn't really realize it was that size; student wise. In going to a small school it's very easy to get caught up in things and have a lot of people in your business and it's kind of a "everybody knows everybody" type of school. It's something I had to get adjusted to, but in the end.. I made it work.


One thing I'd wished I had known before I came here was the more scholarship opportunities I could of have taken. I believe it would have taken my focus on school at an ease. From being here, the scholarship staff has pointed out the fact that it would be inn my intrest to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities available.


Benedict College is very unorganized when it come to the financial aide process and being cleared for class. I would recommend this college to you because i believe that it leaves the opportunity for growth up to the student. This basicallly means that how far you want to go within your career/major is up to you. The staff at Benedict College puts no restraints on their students. They help us and prepare us as much as we allow them to. What I like most about benedict is the fact that if you ask anyone is willing to help you.


Before I came to this school I wish I new that the food was not that good.


I wish I would've known that college is nothing to play with.


Although I have done my research on Benedict College, I wish I would have known more about what the school has to offer, such as leadership organizations. It has been a great challenge to find the right organization for me, but from the help of my Benedict family, they directed me with care to the right organizations that met my criteria. There are so many organizations that fulfill any students' needs and I ask that Benedict would take the time out to make it clear to what they have to offer so that there can be many more successful students.


Before coming to this school, I wish I knew that it wasn't in the safest neighborhood.


I wish i had known that my tution would be so high and that my schooling would be so expensive.


I wish I would have known more about the city it is located in.


I just wish I would have visited the campus before hand.


Before i came to the college i wished i wouldve have known the dorms was so horrible.


i wish that i have known more about the college. i feel like that i wouldn't have not wasted all my money going to the college and its not up to part. i really wish that it didnt cost as much as it do because we really dont have anything to show for it all. I also feel like the school needs to offer more then what they are offering and show more help to the students in every depeartment. i really wish that the school would have more for students to do.


What I wish before coming to this school was being more prepare for college because I feel that my mind wasn't quite ready. I also would have played a sport in high school so I could of gotten a scholarship in college that showed I had experience in playing a sport and then play for them (college) in order to recieve a scholarship.


that it was in center city and that there was another school near us not even a block away


That some things are not what they appear on the website. Maybe an understanding how of how the school really is. As well as campus life and different activities. Maybe how the dorms were and the different meals are at the school.