Benedictine College Top Questions

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It's a very close knit community.


The campus definitely is a tight nit campus but there are also lots of groups. Not everyone is united but everyone is happy with their groups. The town is crappy and hates all of the students but the town would be nothing without the school.


Unlike many other schools, Benedictine College is a faith centered campus. The Catholic faith is a part of the daily lives of students and educators at Benedictine College, both in and outside of the classroom. This commonality in beliefs acts as a foundation for strong connections and bonds between every individual on the Benedictine College campus. Further, Benedictine College’s strong emphasis on the Catholic faith allows students to be educated not only in their intended major, but also on how to intertwine their education and beliefs in order to carry their Catholic faith into everyday living.


My school is unique because when you walk on campus, you just feel the home-y vibe. The faculty, staff, and students do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. The staff are very helpful when you have a question or concern. The most impressive thing is that our college president is very invested in the college and in the students that attend BC.


It's a very Catholic school that is set to help its students grow.


This school is extremely unique because it is one of the very few Catholic Colleges to survive over 150 years. People here are proud to be a Raven and know they are a Raven for life. This school is smaller than the other colleges and/or universities I looked at. The community here is incredible and unlike any other school I have seen.


It is very career-focused and has a reputable business program while at the same time having an amazingly rich, catholic, friendly environment. The environment alone is more welcoming and enjoyable to be in than any other schools I've seen, but the fact that it is also putting me in a great place to get a job after school as well is just incredible to me.