Benedictine College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student can succeed at Benedictine College if he makes the decision to pursue excellence. Work hard everyday to become the best version of yourself and you will accomplish much at this college. You have the opportunity to be challenged by academics, make life-long friends, and develop your faith life like never before. Take advantge of the opportunities, but be wise in what you say "yes" to. Make everyday count.


Someone who wants to be a leader, enjoys being part of a close-knit community, wants to experience one-on-one interaction with professors, and who wants to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ should look no further than Benedictine College. A great potential BC Raven is someone who desires to do well in school but also can have a lot of fun and be crazy - in a good way. Benedictine is my home away from home, and anyone who is looking for a small, Catholic, residential and liberal arts college will absolutely love it, just like I do!


A person who never gives up his/dream about better life and better opporunities.


Catholic, conservative, studious


A person that loves community. A student who wants an education where teachers know you by name are always ready and willing to help.


A Roman Catholic who wants to receive a solid liberal arts education.


Catholic, happy