Benedictine University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


They are best known for being the number one safest school and number one haunted school in Illinois.


The school is known for its sciences-the medical field. Many people who are going into that field attend this university and it is a well-known and tough program. The school is also very diverse. Division 3 sports are popular here. It is also a small school where you can get to know other students and professors and it is located near downtown Naperville.



My school is known for our thorough academic programs that can be very difficult at times, research programs on campus, and our motto "Mind. Body. Spirit" that represents our school.


National Louis University is best known for Education


My school is best known for it's Science Department.


Benedictine University is a great school for someone who is interested in medicine or any other health related feild study. It is a scmall school but it is know to have a good student activites because there are many clubs to join. I absolutely believe that my involvement has post-college implications. Involvement is important , especially if you atre appling to graduate school. Also, because it is a small school you get that one on one attention from the professors.


the campus is really well maintained and all faculty and staff are really helpful. They are best known for the Sciences.


Benedictine University is best known for its excelent Pre-Med programs and research. Many of the school's labs are used for professional reseach, and that research is used in the classroom at times, so it is very helpful. Also, the school is known for its wonderful professors that are highly qualified and have much experience in their fields.


It is best known for it's medical program




It is know for its science programs.




sciences, strong academics