Benedictine University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


My experience at Benedictine University has been a unique journey of learning through discovery, quality academics, and strong community. Academics I am a Master of Public Health student who will be graduating in the spring. At first, I wasn’t sure if an online program would be able to meet my needs because I tend to learn best hands on. However, I soon found out that the online program and the onsite campus experience are both outstanding. At Benedictine University I was challenged by the courses, engaged by the discussions, and actively learned about my field of study. Some courses required group projects which allowed me real world experience on how to collaborate with different perspectives to achieve a final goal. I also have gained invaluable experience on conducting presentations using multi-media, project management, and coordinating wellness events. Job Preparation I am currently working as Medical Technologist, and I am applying for jobs right now that directly pertain to my field of study in public health using the Benedictine Career website. This website is a wonderful resource available to BU students where companies can post jobs for students in all Majors. There is no need to stress about finding a job after graduating, because the career placement center is very helpful. Financial Aid With the rising costs of education, deciding how to pay for school is an important decision. Fortunately, BU has several ways to assist students with paying for college through competitive scholarships, financial aid assistance, and payment plan options through Sallie Mae. Challenges Many students, including myself have faced challenges at BU. I would say the biggest challenge is keeping up with the intense workload in some courses. What has worked well for me is to openly communicate with my professor about any confusion or if I need help. Also, students should be prepared to commit to several hours per week of study, reading, and writing (depending on whether full-time or part-time). Lessons for Life Not only do I feel that Benedictine has me academically prepared to enter the field of Public Health, but I feel the need to make a positive impact on the community. I am a person who places great importance on public service. I am a volunteer for St. James Missionary Baptist Church, Salvation Army, and as a member of Healthy Quest at work. I take great pride in helping others and would like to pass on the life lessons that I’ve learned at Benedictine to others. Benedictine is a university where any student will feel proud to be a part of—it stands for integrity, uniqueness, and success. There are supportive faculty members that genuinely want me to succeed as well as driven students who were not only my classmates but became my friends. As I reflect on my challenges and triumphs as a student, I am so glad that I made the right choice!