Benedictine University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Somebody who is not going to take their studies seriously, there is a decent workload for each class.


A person who just wants to drugs, party, or otherwise not take school in a serious manner. Ben U is for atudents who want to really focus on their studies, as well as be in a small school atmosphere engulfed in the athletic life. Almost every person you see living on campus has their athletic gear strapped on and proud.


Someone who just wants to skate by and doesn't want to improve themselves personally and professionally.


Your survey does not offer the college I received my undergraduate degree from, National Louis University.


A person who is not willing to accept students of different religion, nationality, or ethnicity. Even though Benedictine University is a Catholic school but it is open to students of all background and everyone comes together and treat each other with respect and have an open mind.


Benedictine University is a great school and it is the right school for many students. However, Benedictine is not right for the student who wants to be near the city and have a city experience. I know for many people (including me) there was a choice between going to Benedictine or going to a school in the city. Ahh, the city life! Benedictine is not for people who like large class sizes, large campuses, and walking a lot. (it is good exercise though).


A Party Animal!


This school is not a huge, party school; it is for the academically inclined and those who are using college as an opportunity to advance their education, not their freedom and social skills. If you want to enjoy the night life and join a soriority or fraternity this is not the right choice for a perspective student. This university requires dedication, diligence and responsibilty; if one doesn't consider those to be qualities one possesses it is an unwise decision to attend Benedictine.


If you don't know what you want to do with your life then this is not the school for you. Also the school does not have a very strong program for writing or theater (or anything else artistic). It is mainly focused on science, but we do have a good number of business majors too.


If you're not a Science major, and you're more into a bigger school, don't go here.


If you are interested in anything Pre-Med, Pre- Law or science bases degrees.


close minded people, those that dont like to be around culturally diverse or religiously diverse and devoted individuals. Those that don't like small universities or wish to escape highschool life where everyone knows each others business.