Benedictine University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It may sound crazy, but I have written to old me, and I said: Dear Past Me, I wish you could see that you have found happiness. The rough years pass faster than you think, and you are stronger than you know. You will make choices and not be sure if they are right or wrong but the secret is that going with your gut will take you where you are meant to be. You will take longer than others to find your way through college and thats okay. Change is never easy but use your family, friends, and your school as support. Keep your head high and your heart open and you will find everything you are looking for. Love yourself.


During your senior year explore as much as you can as to what careers you are interested in. This will help because you can start taking classes that will educate you and prepare you for the upcoming class in college. Meanwhile, talk to the advisors at a university because they will tell you what is best for you and what you should do in order to be prepared for the real world. Last but not least enjoy the time you have in high school; not by partying but volunteering your time to do things that will benefit you later on in life.


To not be so stubborn and hard headed. I grew up as a foster child from the time I was nine years old. I spent my high school years rebelling because I was so angry with my parents for allowing me to become a ward of the state. All I wanted was to become 18 to gain my freedom, begin working so I no longer would need to report to anyone or listen to anyone. If I could go back in time, I would do it all over again. I would have applied myself, I would have taken advantage of money available to me from the state towards my education and I would have bettered myself in the right way. Life is too short to be angry and when I look back, I was only hurting myself. I feel like I missed out on a lot of "normal" kid activities by not attending the traditional four year university like I should have. I just never felt like I fit in and I never felt good enough or normal because I was a foster child. Looking back, I was no different at all. I was just a kid.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a highscool senior, I would tell myself to do less partying and more studying. I would have told myself to pay better attention in class, instead of daydreaming about or flirting with boys. You think you hate math because tests are hard. Future you, pays attention in math class and loves the challenge. You can actually be good at things if you try, rather than doing the bare minimum to get by. I would have also told myself not to become a nurse just because everybody told you it was a well-paying, secure, job because community college round one will not turn out so well. Instead, I would've told myself to follow my true passions, no matter what the income might be. If you are happy and excel at what you do, job promotions and money will probably follow and everything will be okay. Most importantly, I would tell myself what I have learned to tell myself now, "You can do it! Keep going! Get it girl!"


Don't listen to the hype. A name school isn't going to be the automatic answer. If you can't get financial aid, then don't go there - in fact, start at a community college and get your general education out of the way THEN transfer to a four year school. Save yourself time and money.


If I could go back in time to talk to my 18 year old self, I would tell myself to listen to my intuition and what my heart wants, and to follow it. I spent a long time listening to everybody but myself in regards to my future and all it did was cause me to run around in circles. The moment I decided to do what I was passionate about, which was Psychology, is when I began moving forward and toward a path that I see myself flourishing in. It also taught me to trust myself and to believe in my strengths rather than doubt them, doubting myself was what caused me to make decisions that weren't right for me. It was then that I made the choice to transfer to Benedictine and pursue a Bachelors in Psychology. Not only am I going to school full-time, but I'm volunteering for organizations that are helping me gain experience and working part-time to become more independant. I wouldn't have ever dreamed of reaching this point without learning to believe in all that I'm capable of.


The advice that I would give myself is not to worry so much about making new friends and meeting new people. This is the easy part of college because everyone is new to the school trying to find a place to fit in. Everyone is nervous and excited to be starting a new chapter. This is an amazing opportunity to get more schooling and learn more about your major. This is the time to transition into being a adult. Have fun and enjoy the time that you have in college because it will go by in a blink of a eye.


Students should understand that the process of career exploration does not end in the counselor’s office. The first ideas of one’s major are not final. College, first and foremost, is an exploration process and this mentality should be highlighted and encouraged for students. The first two years at a college should be years where students are curious and open to infinite possibilities. I would tell my future self to be curious and take many, many risks! Future self, “open your mind and get involved with as much as you can. The time is now. Get to know yourself.” I would tell my young self to explore every opportunity, every possibility. The most you can get out of college is not in the classroom the entire campus; It is about making connections and getting involved with both on and off-campus organizations. Grades are not as important as practical experience. Meet people and try things that seem interesting and challenging. College is the time to do it. Therefore, rather than spending all your time in the books and GPA, talk to interesting people, gain real world experience and create your own practical learning experiences.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say two things. First, apply for even more outside scholarships because I only recieve one of the scholarships that I applied for. There are many scholarships out there, but there are also tons of people that need that money too. Just because you applied for a scholarship does not mean you are going to recieve any of that money. The second thig I would tell myself is that being denied a scholarship does not mean get discouraged and stop trying for two weeks. There are plenty of scholarships that I should have applied for during the times where I was discouraged. Eventually, hard work does pay off. You are doing yourself a huge favor by continuing to apply for scholarships instead of having to take out student loans.


If I can do this over again I would visit the schools and talk to the seniors of every school i am interested in to see whether the school is worthwhile to go to. Also i would try to save as much as money as i can since you never know what life brings your way. It took me six years or more to just graduate from college due to me transferring colleges and taking a life break to have a family. I would advise a college senior to think twice before transferring, making life decisions such as marriage, or going to a community college. Decisions like that sidetracked me, and kept me from attaining success. If i had any golden words of advice it would be to stay focused,save money, be dedicated and determined to earn that degree! With just four years of schooling you are able to be on your own feet. Friends and family are always there for you. Learn early in life to make the right choices and stick to your goals. A true friend would make sure that you are successful in life, so make sure to have the right support and good company.


My advise to my high school self would be to have fun and be a little more social. I think being more open to trying different things would have helped me be more open in college life. Have fun in high school and join more clubs. That would be one thing I would change in high school. I would have joined more groups and clubs. I would also tell myself that I did the right amount of studying. I did well academically and it has paid off in college. I also agree with my studying skills in high school as they did help me stay focused in college.


Honestly, this is the one thought that never seems to leave my head. Almost everyday I think about this question and so much comes to my mind. To start off, I would tell myself not to blow off any classes. Just because I'm a senior does not mean that I get to destroy my GPA. Finishing strong is one thing I definitely feel is important to have a successful life. Most students start giving up when the school year is coming to end, because they are too excited for school to finally be over. I was like that in high school. I was one of those seniors that wanted to live my senior year. When summer came after graduation I realized that blowing off finals and classes was the most stupid mistake I have ever done. I never really took classes seriously in high school because I always said "oh it's just high school" but I regret saying that now. Even to the friends and family members I have that attend high school I always give them my personal opinion and tell them my story to encourage them to do well and try hard.


I would have gave myself a little more time to get more stuff done


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not listen to everyone else around me and not be scared. I would tell myself to reach for the schools I personally wanted to go to and make it happen. Furthermore, I would probably kick myself and tell me to apply for the scholarships presented in my county before the deadlines.


Study even though the material that you will be tested over is "easy" because when you get the test and you think it is gibberish it will be too late too turn back time. Do not waste your time on the internet even though it is TOO tempting. You will feel at times that people do not understand, but it is okay because you will get through it. Go to the professors' office hours because it will be worth the effort of getting up from "trying to study". This in turn will make you more aware of all the resources available to you for studying. Do NOT postpone homework until the day of because you will only bring trouble to your own self. College is not a piece of cake it is actual work, with professors who you might not even like. However, you have to stay the most positive you can be because your friends and family are cheering you on to keep working hard. Eventually the semester will be over and you will need the breaks you get to relax because the cycle never stops until you finish your degree.


Look at scholarships in advance ! Even if you are spending your first two years at a community college, get to know the scholarships available for the four year university that you want to attend. Plan out your schedule and meet with mutliple advising and acedemic counselors so that you can get multiple opinions. Make academics your top priority !


My advice to myself would be this: don't take no for an answer. There were options that I could have researched in regards to attending college out of high school that I didn't know I had. I would tell myself to go to the high school counselor and get all the information that is available to help get into college. I would tell myself that, although my family had no money nor any money saved, there are other avenues to get the financing together for college, such as scholarships, grants and student loans. I would also say that even though joining the military right out of high school worked out well, attending college sooner would have made life easier by allowing me to make a higher income and being better prepared to raise a family. I would also tell myself to not allow anyone to tell me that I can't succeed and to keep my head held high and go for my dreams, no matter where they take me. No matter what is said or done, don't give up and keep striving for the stars.


Don't choose your major based on what everyone wants for you. Choose your major for yourself. It makes learning and classes much more enjoyable.


When entering college, embrace the saying "work hard, play hard" because this is the definition of your college experience. You attend college to get a great education and an even better future career, so keep in mind that academics should always come first and you must start the semester off strong because a quick comeback to improve your grades at the last minute is an almost impossible task. When there is a very limited amount of what is graded in a class, every assignment should be done thoroughly and taken seriously. College is a very fast-paced environment filled with challenges that one does not experience in high school, so make sure to use the college's resources and plenty outside studying to excell early on. Also, college is supposed to be the best four years of our lives; therefore, join clubs that you have a passion about and would like to thoroughly involve yourself in, go campus events, and be open to making new friends. Keeping yourself involved will allow you to open doors for yourself, have fun, and make lifelong relationships for the future. "Working and playing hard" will make your experience at college worthwhile!


Everything in moderation is key and dividing your time. Having fun is great and all but you need to know when to be serious and get to work. The freedom is great but dont take advantage of it because before you know it, you will make mistakes and regret certain choices that you could have avoided if you have made time for yourself. Importantly dont be stupid and irrational there are so many opportunities that even if you miss one thing there are other things out there. Lastly, choose your friends wisely because I regret meeting certain people. Your five closest friends reflect who you are as a person. Think about who you want around as a good influence for a better college experience.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school and give myself advice about college life the first and most important thing I would say is do not be afraid to try new and fun things. The college experience is new for everybody so when you get to school for the first month try and meet as many people as you can and explore the new opportunities out there. The second most important thing I feel my senior self should have known is the first few weeks of class can be overwhelming but if you relax and focus you will do just fine and get through classes with no problem. College is not as scary as it may seem, it is actually a very fun and life changing experience you meet great people and learn things that will help you for the rest of your life so do not be scared, get out there and have fun. You are going to do great!


If I could go back, I would tell myself a few simple things that would actually help me out greatly in the long run. First of all, I would just tell myself to not stress so much. If you stay calm and just breathe, the transition into college won't be so terrible. Despite all of the scholarship applications, college tours, deciding where to go to school, etc, it will all be worth it in the end. I would also tell myself to just have fun. College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, so make it that way. Enjoy any free time you get. Take a day to just relax sometimes. Make new friends. It will ultimately make you happier and you won't ever regret it. The last thing I would tell myself is to not let the familarity of high school make you nostalgic. There will be plenty of times to make new and even better memories in college that you'll never forget. By telling myself these things, I think I would have known that the transition to college isn't actually so bad after all.


Great education experience as well as real world experience through living at apartments at University.


College has been such a wonderful experience for me. I have learned so much about my intellect and have been able to find myself again. As a person who strives to be the best, college has given me the oppurtunity to strive to become a better, more driven person. I am so grateful for the oppurtunity to learn and grow even though I am not fresh out of high school. I feel mentally fulfilled for the first time since I received my high school diploma. I would advise anyone to take even just a few classes and become invigorated again!


I have gained valuable factual, social, and culteral knowledge. Being a science major wishing to go into medicine, one must study many difficult subjects and learn a lot of factual knowledge that I do not feel I would have gotten in such a way as I did at Benedictine anywhere else. The classes are small and the teachers try to do what they can to help their students. Most of the students at Benedictine are Muslim, so I have learned a lot about Muslim culture and have experienced a different way of life because their social standards are very different than those of caucasian people. Because of Benedictine I have learned more about myself by interacting with others and studying.


I have learned that if you really want something so bad and woudl like to suceed than you need to work hard towards your dreams to make them come true. I have gained alot of knowledge from this school .


I learned a lot about myself through the college experience. Most importantly, I learned that in order to me to be successful in the future I need to use my enviornment and all of my resources. My environment became my college setting so therefore I used what Benedictine University has to offer such as personal tutors and open lab hours to further my education. I also used all of my resources such as office hours with my professors in order to correctly understand the material and the campus computers that are equipped with softwares used in class. Being a student at Benedictine University has taught me to correctly use my surroundings in order for me to reach my full potential. I think that is a very important quality to obtain which can only be done in a college setting. These are also essential characteristics to be a valuable memeber of society.


I have grown up in a smaller town, there were only 200 students attending my high school. Diversity and experiences foreign to me have always intersted me. After going on a few mission trips to the Dominican Republic and working with different communities I knew I did not want to stay in my small town. I wanted to experience the world! I wanted to help those right next to me and those far away. When I visited Benedictine University I knew right away this was the perfect fit for me. The school is smaller and I never felt overwhelmed as I have at larger campuses. At the same time, however, there is a huge range of cultural groups attending. I learned just as much from my newly formed friendships my freshman year as I did from my classes. I was lucky enough to meet many people different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and gain some life long friendships. These experiences are just as valuable to me as the time I spent in class. The more I learned from my friends the more I wanted to experiene different cultures and at Benedictine, I'm learning all about them!


What I get from my college experience is a sense of independence and responsibility. I am confident now in my ability to shape my own life and to improve the lives of others. The technical knowledge I am gaining in my classes on film-making is the most valuable aspect in my college experience and is the reason I selected this school.


I have grown both personally and professionally. I have gained more confirdence and take pride in myself. I learned that once I set my mind to accomplish a goal that I can succeed. It wasn't easy working a full time job and going to school full time, while still taking care of my husband and children, but I knew what was important and did what needed to be done in order to reach the end goal. I have such a great outlook about my life and the options that I now have. It has opened my eyes to a new me and hopefully a new door to getting a career that I will have passion and knowledge for.


I have received a sense of independence from college. All my life, I have been counting on my mother to do everything for me, but now that I am no longer living with her, I have to figure out how she was able to put up with me for all of these years. I never realized how needy and dependent I was until my roommate told me she was getting sick of teaching me how to do laundry, fold clothes, and find phone numbers. I’ve learned how to pay for things I want; something my mother’s always done. College has been valuable to attend. Between the early classes and late night studying, I have learned more than what I thought I was capable of. I have grown spiritually at the chapel services in the morning and the late night service on Sunday. I have made many new relationships with people that I get to see every day and even all day if I wanted. College has also taught me how to be a responsible adult. I have learned how to manage my money and time more responsibly; I think that this is something that everyone should learn.


So far, college was not just the "huge paty" that everyone made it out to be. I have learned that there is so much more to it. My college experience has caused me to mature while discovering myself in the process. School work. sports, and other clubs/activities have made me gain responsibility and take pride in what I give get involved in. Being away from home and on my own at Benedictine University has forced me to make decisions for myself. My education is very valuble to me and now, more than ever, I have come to realize the great measures education can take me. I appreciate the diversity my capus has as well as all of the help everyone seems to offer. The atmosphere is very peacful and I feel safe on the campus of Benedictine. It is great knowing that people at school care about me just as much as my loved ones back at home. I have come to cherish the new friends I have made in the class room, at social events and even on the track. I am glad I chose Benedictine, it is perfect for me, and my future looks bright.


I have gained vast education and developed a strong foundation for my interest of study. Attending school has been valuable since it is beneficial and crucial for my future. Hopefully with this scholarship money, I could use it towards my tuition so that I can continue my studies to becoming a dentist.


I strongly believe that your experience in college is what you make of it.


Now that I have completed my first semester at Benedictine University as a College freshman, not only have I gained academic knowledge that will get me a step closer to graduating in 2014, but also the independence that I did not have before. I am the first in my family to attend college, and I am determined to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science. I am thankful for the oppurtunity my parent's have given me in being able to attend college, an opportunity that unfortunately they did not have. Attending college has been very valuable to me because it has taught me life lessons such as independence and responsibility and also because it has given me a way to make my parents proud. I dream of the day when my family cheers for me as my name is spoken and I walk across the stage to recieve my degree in Health Science. I dream of the day when I get my career started. I know that these dreams cannot be accomplished unless I attend college. I am planning to make the most of my time here at Benedictine University.


I returned to college at the tender age of 35. I've always been and advocate of education but the reality is no degree meant not job advancment. I wish I could say the reason I hadn't returned was because I was busy helping to save the world. But no, I've just been busy. Returning to school has made me especially gifted in the art of prioritizing. To read my homework assigment or to wash the dishes, to make love or to go to sleep, each decision must be carefully filtered through my time prism. My college experience has also taught me the value of creating a support group amoung my fellow students. When I initially returned to school I only sought out students of my same age group, thinking we had to unite in order to stand against the younger students. But I quickly learned, there was no us and there was no them. We were all in this together. My college experience has made me a better wife, mother, friend and community activist because I have learned to love my current station in life while striving to become better. Thank you!


The college experience is what most young adults look forward to but for some it can be a rough and difficult transition to a new way of life. My experience was rough and difficult but changed me for the better. Three main things that I have gained and value are responsibility, priorities, and communication Responsibility is needed to have a successful year at college or grades will suffer. Getting to class on time, turning in and completing assignments on time and being expected to know your material is what responsibility demands in college. Priorities are things I had to manage in order to have a smooth week. Juggling homework , time, and other events that life through my way was a struggle. I had to become a professional time manager in order to survive every week. Communication is something I value greatly because if a student does not break out of his shell and decides to talk to teachers and students that student will have trouble getting through college. The people that surrounded me everyday at college are the people that can help me succed and be a better person. College opens new doors and changes a person for the better.


I have learned new ways of looking at things. I fell like so far my college experiance gave me a new out look on how to be independant by living on campus and away from home. it also gives you that hands on experice with lab work that i always dreamed of doing as an adult. as a bonus you make life long friends along the way.


Through out my college experience i've gotten independence because through out high school i've always depended on others which slowed me somewhat down in college. Now i'm learning on my own and learning how to be apart of the group then just depending on others. I have recently found a job that requires me to do everything on my own and communicate effectively with others. College build character within each and every person that helps them strive to become who ever they want to be if they take the first step to bring their self into success.


With all the apprehensions I had about going away to school disappeared after the first month or two at Benedictine. The students, faculty and staff have all been so very helpful with all my questions and needs. The dorms (Ondrak)are comfortable enough to accommodate me and everything I do. Both of my roomates have been great to be around as well as all the other people on my floor. I have yet to meet anyone I didn't feel comfortable to be around or talk with. The transportation methods I have learned to use over the past two years; the Mega Bus, Metra and Amtrack are learning experiences I woulden't have imagined as a Junior or Senior in high school. It's the true, genuine feeling of being wanted that makes Benedictine such a valuable, life changing experience. I look foward with anxious anticipation to my next few years at Benedictine.


My first college experience was at a 2 year school: Snow College in Ephraim Utah. I LOVED that school so much. Not only did I get a great education, but I learned how to live on my own and be independent. I learned how to study and be a good college student. I learned how to communicate with teachers, roommates, friends, co-workers, and employers. I saw first hand what it's like to live on my own. I became proficient in many life skills such as: cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and paying bills. I also have made many life long friends.


it has transformed me into a positive human being...


Now that I have been at Benedictine for over a year, I realize that I have learned so much more than what is taught in the classrooms. The first thing I learned is that life is not easy, and if you want something you need to work as hard as you can to achieve it. The second thing I learned is that the world is so much bigger than my neighborhood. People at Benedictine come from all over the world, and in some ways I have learned so much more from talking to individual people than I could ever learn in class. I work in a bakery in a supermarket, and there are so many people who have worked there for over thirty years that constantly remind me I need to stay in school, get my education, and do something amazing with what I learned. Working there for my whole life is not an option, and that is why going to college has been valuable to me so far. Going to work is a constant reminder that I cannot and will not work there my whole life. I have so much more to offer the world.


The summer of my high school graduation was very different from any other summer in my life. Normally, I would have been excited about taking a trip to Puerto Rico to visit my grandparents. But this summer was different. After taking off my graduation cap, I immediately started packing for my trip to Florida. And there were no plans for Disney World this time. I was preparing for college. And I was the first in my family to do so. Now, six years later, I'm planning to re-attend. I can't say the falling economy has been kind to me. Even with an A.S., I've found it difficult to find a job no matter where I go. Frustrating it may be, I can only imagine how I would have felt if I only had my high school diploma. It's tough for everyone right now. And the only way to stay on top is to further my education. It's easy to wait for things to get better. But my education has opened up so many doors for me in the past. College taught me that it's better to take action than to wait.


I have enjoyed my first two years of college at Orange Coast College , and I am very excited for what lies ahead in my life as I continue on my pursuit for my degree. I have a lot of support my family in my life, as well as my education, and we are all excited about me being the first one in the family to earn a degree from a university. I have been brought up in a loving, Christian home, and I have been a member of St. Paul ’s Lutheran Church in Garden Grove my entire life. My family, friends, and my faith in God, have always been the most important things in my life, and that has always enabled me to be the best person I can be. I believe with hard work, determination, values and morals, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Being a student-athlete at OCC university has its challenges, but I know I will succeed and how important it is. I would not change anything in my life I have done thus far, and will continue to strive to achieve all my goals and work hard at that.


Attending Gulf Coast Community College has taught me the valuable principles of leadership, fellowship, scholarship and service. To get the most out of my education I became a a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and was elected Vice-President of my chapter in Fall of 2010. I also became a member of the National Society for Leadership and Success and a representative on the Student Activities Board. Encouraged by both of my clubs, I now volunteer for The Miracle League as a buddy. Obtaining an education is a priority but it does not stop there. Involving myself in student government and volunteering to help out my community are priorities of mine as well. I have been accepted by Florida State University in Panama City and will begin taking classes in January 2011. My intention is to run for Student Body President and for President of the National Society for Leadership and Success.


College years are best years of your life. From my college experience, I gained the knowledge, the understanding of the world and different cultures, and the kind of education that will make people what they deem to be well-rounded and literate. Once my teacher explained that the important in life is to gain knowledge not for the sake of degree but for enjoyment. From a positive college mindset, I was able to perform well in my classes and gained some knowledge out of all my classes. Attending college is really valuable because the college graduates have far better opportunities in future. In addition, college life teaches us to be responsible, dedicated, and goal-oriented which are the qualities needed for your future. Not many are fortunate enough to attend a college. I am really happy for my parents who are supporting me for my further education.


From my college experience, I have learned social responsibility, professionalism, and the importance of collaboration and cooperation. I learned to be socially responsible when I was given the opportunity to tutor members of the maintenance staff at the university in English as a Second Language. A few of my fellow Spanish majors and I have been tutoring these eager learners every Friday since the end of April 2010. I am studying to be a Spanish teacher, but now I would like to become certified to teach ESL as well. I have learned professionalism from many of my professors, but mostly from those who teach my education classes. These dedicated veteran teachers have taught in schools where the students are most in need of great teachers. They teach professionalism by example and they share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience with us in the hope that we will go out and make a difference. Collaboration and cooperation are life skills that are as necessary as being able to figure out something for yourself. My professors have encouraged us to work together and share ideas because we will not and cannot always work alone. These lessons have made college valuable for me.


I have met wonderful administrators who show concern and provide assistance at all levels.


I truly belive that my most valuable experience in college has been becomeing more mature. When many people come from highschool they still have this attitude about that school is still just giggles and fun, they slowly learn that college is very different and then they finally realaize that it is surly changing them as it did me. I myself never really cared about highschool and I never made it to my senior year and I ended up getting my GED so I was lucky to attend a college and make a good GPA for myself to make it to my current college. To think I'm currtly at a private universty and taking a real major for my self makes me so proud and to be the first in my family to earn a degree is all the more I really need to attend college.