Benedictine University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The main thing that makes me like Benedictine, majority of the professors have their Phds so when they are lecturing about a certain subject they are and sound well informed about the material. The advisors are excelllent when it comes to helping you succeed and make sure you acheive your best if you are applying to a program or even medical school.


My peers


The small school atmosphere and the feeling of really being important. You get close to everyone at school, because you will either have a class with them, see them at El Burrito, or play a sport or be in a club and you recognize them. We are a very tight knit community, probably because of the size of our campus.


The best thing about my school is that it is so easy to fit in for new students. My school does a lot of great activities for new students like Welcome Weekend and a whole bunch of orientations that help new students get to know a lot of people before they even begin classes. And once they begin classes, the upperclassmen and even the proffersors are really helpful and help new students in every way they can.


One the of the best aspect of my school is the diversity. Due to the closeness all different ethcities join together at a fairly decent sized school and because of the different career choices that it offers you get to meet a lot of different people with different types of interest.


One of the best things about Benedictine University is the small class sizes and the relatively small campus. It gives you a chance to actually get to know people and the professors, and it gives you greater sense of belonging. It's nice to be able to sit in a classroom of 15-20 people and actually be able to particpate, instead of sitting in a huge lecture hall where the professor doesn't even know your name.


Benedictine University is an outstanding school, it is hard to choose what I like most. Overall, I feel that having such a diverse community is what I like best about my school. It causes you to learn about others and become open to new experiences, instead of beaing so close-minded. You recieve new insight on how and why other cultures act as they do, and it makes you appreciate what they have to contribute. Being in such a diverse community gives you a better perspective on how the "real world" is , and prepares you for what is to come.


The best things about my college is the communication between student and teacher. I really love the one to one communication with the teachers because I learn better with teacher explaining more class information with personal attention. Also, I really love the small class size offered at my college because I am able to engage in the lectures.


The best thing about my school is the fact it is a small school therefore I am able to interact with the students and the faculty member easily. Also, I love that the school is very open and accepting of students are of different background.


The best thing about my school is the tight-nit community. Benedictine University is not one of those schools with 500+ students per class. Average class size is 25-30 students. Teachers actually remember who you are and you get to know them. They will sincerely help you when you ask. If you're having trouble, they'll help even with your academic and life goals. You can also make life-long friends with your classmates, rather than mere acquaintances. The Benedictine Community is more like a family in that way, we take care of each other.