Bennett College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Bennett College is best known for it's sisterhood, strong foundation in faith, and academic and global success.


Bennett College is best known for is "sisterhood, academics and leaders of tomorrow.


Bennett College Is most known for the Womens dedication to the community in regards to doing community service and helping those who are in need. When there is trouble or a problem to be solved, you can find a bennett belle in the crowd.


My school is best known for traditions. We hold many ceremonies to honor students, global/community leaders, host guest speakers, etc. My school stresses the importance of being a woman who has a strong sense of herself and her purpose. One of the ways to ensure that we are active in society is to receive an education and to thrive at our institution. Bennett College installs these beliefs through the academics, the culture, the community throughout the campus, staff and faculty to enforce these beliefs, as well as thse ceremonies they hold. Bennett College seizes every moment to teach.


Bennett College for Women, an oasis for women, a place where sisters are educated, celebrated, and developed into global citizens and twenty-first century contributors. Since we are a all women school the sister hood here is very rich. with the death of my mother and the childhood i grew up im i figured this would be a very great school for me to attend. when i first heard that Bennett was an all women school i kind of had second thoughts, but then i realized that maybe this is the best decision for me after all. I love BENNETT.


Our school is best known for being an all girl, private, and prestige college. We are also known for biology, theater, and journalism.


My School is known best for educating, bringing women to bind together to become more like sisters, and to form and shape each and every women into the women that she is destine to be for the future. Bennett is known for welcoming all women from all ethnic groups to teach and reach women in need of education. Dr. Julianne Malveaux, the president of Bennett College, reminds us every chance she has that we are to learn what we are suppose to and to never forget that we are paving the grounds for women just like ourselves.


Bennett College is best known for its stress on having young women that globalize their knowledge of the world and their field of study by having the opportunity of studying abroad as well as having a phenomenal and outstanding president, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, that is the ideal of what a strong, smart, and bold African American woman is, which whom expresses her thirst for knowledge and being a leader for young women such as myself.


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My school is known for its historical movements for civil rights and being an HBCU.


It's sisterhood and impact in the community.


My school is best known for its involvement in the civil rights movement.


I think our school is best known for educating and molding young women into strong, independent, global contributors. Students are guided by faculty, staff, and their upperclassmen sisters to be not only educated, but empowered, confident, and lady-like. Anyone who knows about Bennett can spot a Bennett Belle without ever knowing anything about the person, but just seeing the way that they carry themselves.


My school is best known for the first black women college. I feel that we have so much grace and pride in becoming a strong black women. Famous women have came and spoke: Oprah and Dr. maya angleou. My school inspire young black women to acheive and accomplish any goals in life.


Bennett is known for being one of two all female Historically Black College in the United States. We have students from all types of ethnic backgrounds which increases a diversified community on and off campus.


Our school is know for the presidents we had. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at our school when he was wasn't allowed anywhere else. Our school was also the first black college for women. The women at Bennett College are know for the protest durning the Civil Rights movement.


My school is best known for the manner in which the students carry themselves when they are off-campus. We do not take part in fights or make scenes to draw negative attention to ourselves.


We use to be the prestige school in the south for women. But we are strong black women who are go getters. We are also know for how we carry ourselves out into the community. Bennett College really teach girls how to become a woman. The whole community takes notice of that transformation.