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Whats unique about my school compared to other schools i considered is the feeling of strenght and empowerement i recieve when on campus .


Compared to the other schools that I apllied to Bennett College for Women was unique because not only was it an HBCU, it was also a all womens college and based on tradition and sisterhood.


The Staff and Facualty are really nice and caring people. They care about every student. Live each day like it is your last. Take advantage of every opportunity that is given.


My school is a private, all girls college. We have diferent rules and regulations at our school that no one else may have.


This school feels more like a family and it is more imtimate then the other schools I considered.


Bennett College is a traditional school. It is known for the history behind it. The school nurtures young women to be global leaders, and thinkers. The college is small, but allows more attention from professors academically. The resources on campus are limited, but professors provide another way for students to learn. The students on campus are majority African American women, but open to diversity and different cultures. Being at Bennett College is very admirable. The institution is comfortable, and the work load is managable as well. The community respect ladies from Benett College as active students in the neghborhood.


It is truly designed to help me become a woman. Not just any kind of woman, a woman of substance and meaning. If I would not have went to Bennett College for Women I would not have learned the morals and treasures of being a woman, more speicifically, a black woman in this society. If I would have went to any other college that I was at once interested in, I would have been destracted and have not known what and who I was. I would ultimately had a lost state of mind.


There are only two all women historically black college or univeritys in america and my school is one of them.


Bennett College is a place where you truly become a woman of substance. At times it can be a place that you hate to love but all in the same you do not want to leave. The sisterhood here is like no other. The staff is supportivte and there for you but you have to apply yourself. Bennett College is a wonderful place to find your purpose in life.


The thing that is unique about my school that is like no other is that Bennett is a all Womens college. My belief is that if a woman can make it through an all HBCU womens college then she can go through anything in life , and knowing she can face any obstacles that come her way.


My school is an all womens college that actively promotes education and leadership. We are not only taught in our studies, we are well rounded through seminars and various other activities to be prepared for the real life events in the professional and social settings. We are encouraged to create a sisterhood with each other, and together give back to our community to make society a better place.


Bennett College for Women has an extremely small campus which makes attending class on time much easier for students who live on campus. Many other schools are larger and how multiple buildings from which students have to hurry around and find their way. At Bennett you can never get lost.


Bennett College for Women is unique not only for its small class size and the personal atmosphere, but it?s empowerment of African-American women. Bennett is different than the other schools I considered because it?s very small, all girls, historically black, and the faculty promotes a standard of excellence for all students to achieve. Malcolm X once stated, ?Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.? Attending Bennett has allowed me to prepare for my future by settings goals and having the initiative to see them through.


The student to teacher ratio is outstanding. Everyone gets more than enough attention that they may need. There are also alot of Professors who are Pastors and they keep you motivated with biblical scriptures. The teachers get to know you as an individual and find ways to help you successed based on your inner potential.


Being at Bennett College is wonderful. The school size is small and the classroom size is about 15 students per class. Your professors know you by name instead of knowing you by a number at a bigger institution. It is an all girl school so the sisterhood connection is the best experience. You come in as a girl being a freshman and leave as a young woman as senior.


Bennett college is an all womans college were the grl you are meets th ewoman you will become.


we are a very diverse group of women.....we are Bennett Belles


Bennett College is known for the sisterhood, something that I know doesnt exist at most schools. We are our sister's keeper and we look out for one another as if we were blood related. Another thing is that when we go out in public, people always recognize us as Bennett Belle's.


My school is a HBCU meaning that it is traditionally black, it also is an all girls school. Bennett College is a small school yet it is a community of focused, smart African American women, and it really makes a difference in so many women's lives. There is an emphasise on you and the collective community, although I do wish there was more ethnic diversity, it still makes for a very interesting expericence. It is a very nurturing enviroment dedicated to changing lives.


It is an African American school geared toward women that is very small and libearal arts.


Bennett College is unique do to their well emphized sisterhood.


We have a great sense of tradition and values that allow use to incorporate the new age style with the old era. The benefit of such tradition is that it enables us to grow togteher as a community and to remain in sync. As well, it is a really small school so you will be able to make friends faster and develope relationships with faculty easier. Although both of what I mentioned above is important and helpful, it can become a disadvantage as well. because then you have to really be proactive when a school is so small.


My school is a HBCU for women only. There are less than 700 women who attend my college and approximately 550 of those women live on campus. Our classes are very small and the professors are very attentive to the students' needs. The professors build close relationships to the students.


My school is unique compared to all of the others I considered, is that its a small school and its an all girls school.