Bennett College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When bragging about my school, I talk about the people. I talk about how I am surrounded by inspiring, beautiful, courageous women everyday. I tell them how I believe that my peers are the next congress women, president of the United States, and overall leaders who are not afraid to speak their minds and take action. I brag about this because I did not have the priveledge to do so before I attended Bennett College. I can truly say now that I have role models and people that I look up to people because of the things they have achieved.


Bennett College for Women Is and awsome college. Bennett alows us to meet alot of people thats can give us adivce on anythings we may need. Bennett are making young females into wonderful independent women of the 21 century. And I'm pround to be a Bennett Belle.


My friends always tell me about their school but I haven't heard much that would compare to life here at Bennett. With Bennett being such a small school students here are allowed to get plenty of one on one attention and academic support from professors and other faculty members. Our school isn't all about the numbers as are others. Being at Bennett we are exposed to so many opportunities while in school and even upon graduation. Each Tuesday and Thursday we attend an Academic Cultural Enrichment Series (ACES) where different motivational speakers come and give an encouraging word.


The thing I brag most about my school is the sisterhood that surrounds Bennett. We are more than just a College we are a family. We as a whole help the comunity, and encourage others to do their best in every aspect of life. Bennett has taught women from all overthe world how to go through life with our held high and to be proud of ourselfs in what we contribute in life. Bennett has also brought us from young ladies to women, and that is something that you will not get at any other school.


I brag about everything when it comes to my school. However I brag about all the opportunities we get and all the events that go on at our school. Bennett keeps the students very occupied with clubs, fashion shows, talent shows, steps shows and different programs that will bennett our furtures.


The administration, my professors are very friendly. they want me to suceed. They care about my progress and I feel comfortable.


Attending Bennett has allowed me to gain valuable insight into the diverse opinions of America. I have come to brag, appreciate and benefit from our ACES programs. ACES is our academic, cultural, and enrichment lecture series. It takes place every Tuesday and Thursday, in which the Bennett students and community are able to listen to words of wisdom and sound guidance from distinguished influential speakers. Maya Angelou, Jesse Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey are a few of the many wonderful speakers we have had throughout our ACES programs that have allowed me to bloom into a woman of purpose and truth.


I brag about the sisterhood that has dveloped here at Bennett College. Bennett College being an all female college had a strong sense of feminism and sisterhood that I love telling people about. People usual judge the college and the women who attend before they give it a chance. They make laims that going to an all female HBCU would cause alot of social issues, however it's not like that at all. The women here are extremly friendly, uplifiting, and supportive. Also because the population is so small you pretty much know everyone so you don feel lonely.


I get the best of both worlds I have the best friends in the world and no one or thier ideas can take that away from me.


The things I brag about most when talking about Bennett is its small but yet a strong sisterhood. I also say unlike you at a public school your professors maynot know you on a first name base like Bennett's professors. Eventuallly I say you would understand what I am talking about if you were a "Bennett Belle" because you would have to be here to know what to expect. Being at Bennett is like having a numerous amount of sisters from a variety of backgrounds, allowing you to be able to have different view points. I Love Bennett C.


I often brag about the "close-knit community" we have here at Bennett, and the intimate environment because of the school size.


I brag about the relationships we have with our president and about the speakers who come to our college.


I tell the my friends how small andn connected my school is. I have meant so many different people at my school, and probably would not have had these oppurtunities at another institution. Being that my school is very small, I have also been given oppurtunities that will give me an advantage in choosing my career, such as internships and conferences.


The sisterhood, that my school has to offer; is something that you will not get at any other institution. You come into the college as a young woomen but throughout your matriculation, the woman you are meets the woman you are destined to become.


I love the fact that I attend HBCU and it also is a all woman school.


The sisterhood here !! I just love my school


Nothing really


I tend to brag about the sisterhood, small classesand the love and care given byt staff.


I mostly brag about the small town and small class sizes during schooling in college.


I tell my friends that Oprah came to lecture our school and that our last and current president have been on CNN numerous times. Also, that Bennett College is one of only two all women historically black colleges and universities in the United States.